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It gives me great pleasure to convey sincere greetings to fellow Iranians, well-wishers of Iran in Pakistan on Iran’s 36th National Day: Consul General

Karachi, February 08, 2015 (PPI-OT): It gives me great pleasure to convey my sincere greetings and best wishes to fellow Iranians and all well-wishers of Iran in Pakistan on this happy occasion of Iran’s 36th National Day. As evident from the world history, Iran has been the cradle of the most ancient world civilization. Here the first monarchial rule was established 4000 years ago in 330 BC after migration of the Aryans to Iran.

Due to its geographical position and strong cultural foundations, Iran has always played a positive, useful and decisive role in political, economic and cultural developments as well as peace and stability of the region and the world.

In the history of Iran which is full of ups and downs, 11 February 1979 carries a great importance. This day the Iranian nation which has always been on the forefront in forming civilizations and cultures achieved what will be remembered in the Iranian and world history forever. This day they dethroned the biggest despotic ruler of the region and established the holy Islamic republic system in the country.

Running the national affairs on the principles of freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, equity and justice and religious teachings in an exemplary way is one of the important characteristics of the Islamic revolution.

Social structure was founded on the glorious teachings of Islam. As a result, people became closer to their religion and Islamic rule established itself in all spheres of life replacing modernistic ideology. As a blessing of the Islamic revolution, religious and religiosity revived across the world and relationship between religions and sects strengthened. On the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran emerged as the biggest flag-bearer of the Islamic unity which is paving way for unity and solidarity in the Muslim world.

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has entered 37th year of its establishment after passing through various crises and hurdles over all these years. Despite all difficulties, today Iran as a regional power and an important international player has earned a name for itself at the global level through making remarkable progress and advancements in industry, science, space technology, nanotechnology, atomic energy, medical therapy, agriculture, engineering and other sectors.

As a result of these achievements, Iran has attained economic stability and has taken up various useful programs besides several peace and security plans. Before the Islamic revolution, Iran was able to meet the domestic needs for food for 30 days, but today, despite of the population being two and a half times higher, it is able to meet its food needs for more than 300 days and even export the food items.

Children mortality rate has dropped from 111 to 26 per thousand while life expectancy has gone up from 58 to 72 years. Number of electricity subscribers in Iran in 1979 was 3399000, but it rose to 30 million by the end of the last year. We are now exporters of electricity to our neighbouring countries.

Iran has the second largest natural gas reserves in the world at 3.27 trillion cubic meters. In 1979 only 51000 Iranian families enjoyed the blessing of gas but now more than 14 million Iranian households have gas connections. From 1912 to 1957, Iran had 4565 kilometers of railway lines but now we have 10,000 kms of this network.

On average, laying of railroads in Iran each year has witnessed a growth from 80 kms to 168 Kms. Till 1979, we produced 25% of medicines needed by the country, but now we produce 96% of these medicines within the country and have become a medicine exporter.

Our telephone landline connections have surged from 800850 to 30 million. Presently, there are more than 45 million mobile phone users in Iran, and with the development of optic fibre in this country, 30 million Iranians are using internet. As reported by international scientific circles, the rate of scientific progress in Iran is 11 times higher than the average global scientific growth. Literacy rate in Iran is 82.3 per cent.

Number of universities in Iran is 2500, while the number of university students in this country has surged from 75000 to 4.5 million. Iran has now changed into a scientific pole in West Asia and in the area of Nano, it ranks 12th in the world. Iran’s position in the human development index has improved by 10 ranks as compared to 2005, and it is now one of the top seven countries in the world in terms of human development.

Besides progress in the scientific field the Iranian nation has also succeeded in giving stability to the biggest democracy in the region, where the people are enjoying freedom and sovereignty and fully take part in national affairs.

Over the last 36 years, more than 30 elections have been held in the country which includes several presidential elections besides Islamic Consultative Assembly, Council of Experts and municipal elections. Turnout in these elections were unparalleled in democracies across the world.

The last year presidential elections in Iran has once again reflected the role of Iranians in determining their own destiny and in the existence of a free political and social atmosphere in Iran. The foreign policy of my country includes constructive interactions with the international community specially neighbouring countries.

In the foreign policy sector, the Islamic Republic of Iran is pursuing the three principles laid down by the leader of the Islamic Revolution H.E Ayatollah Khamenie: defending honour and respect, devising prudent plans and expedient solution of problems. It is on the basis of these principles that the Islamic Republic of Iran establishes and promotes its relations with other nations particularly the Muslim and its neighbouring countries.

The agreement between Iran and the P5+1 related to Iran’s nuclear program on November 24, 2013 has been hailed as a great achievement for diplomacy around the world. Both sides decided to extend negotiation by June 2015. We gave another chance to diplomacy. Tehran has the political will and good faith to reach a “balanced” long-term agreement with the P5+1.

Expansion of relations with the Islamic and neighbouring countries including Pakistan has always been a top priority of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Pakistan being a friendly, brotherly and neighbouring country of the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys a special place in our foreign policy. Security, stability, progress and prosperity of Pakistan is what the Islamic Republic of Iran actually yearns for.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Pakistan have strong relations in all cultural, economic and political fields and these relations have their roots embedded in their deep geographical, historical, religious and social bonds. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not believe in limitations and borders for expansion of relations with Pakistan and authorities in my country are committed to expand relations with Pakistan in all spheres of life.

The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project is the turning point in our bilateral ties. Pakistan needs energy and Iran is interested in fulfilling a part of this need. Our two countries despite the sanctions and pressures are committed to this grand destiny-making project. The future of both these countries is very bright and nobody can derail it. Long Live the Two Brother Nations of Iran and Pakistan.

Mehdi Sobhani

Consul General of The Islamic Republic of Iran

For more information, contact:
Iranian Consulate General in Karachi, Pakistan
81 Shahra-e-Iran Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: +92-21-35369167, +92-21-35874370-1
Email: iranconsulate.khi@mfa.gov.ir

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