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Israeli Army Detains 9 in Hebron, Minor in Bethlehem

Israeli occupation forces Wednesday detained nine Palestinians from the Hebron area, in addition to a minor from Bethlehem’s town of Taqou’, according to security sources.

In Hebron, forces detained nine Palestinians during a raid and search campaign carried out throughout the city of Hebron and the nearby towns of Beit ummar, Yatta, and al-Fawwar Refugee Camp.

Armed Israeli soldiers stormed a neighborhood in Hebron’s old city, where they detained a local identified as Tareq Jaber, 26.

Soldiers further raided a commercial store belonging to Jaber’s brother, where they sized his personal computer. They also seized the surveillance cameras placed at the headquarters of B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights and information center.

In Hebron’s town of Beit Ummar, forces detained local Wassim Hussain, 25. They further raided and searched Palestinians homes located in the nearby town of al-Shoukh. However, no arrests were made.

In Hebron’s refugee camp of al-Fawwar, forces detained a local identified as Mahmoud Abu Wardeh, 21. He was led to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, forces stormed several neighborhoods in the city of Hebron, where they detained a number of locals identified as Abdel-mo’ez Abu Khalaf, 45, Ahmad Abu al-sharif, 25, Baha’a Zahdeh, 35, Wa’el al-bitar, 36, and Rami Zeyadeh, 38. Local Wa’el Tarayra, 39, was detained from Hebron’s town of Bani Na’im to the south.

In the meantime, forces detained a minor identified as Mohammed Humaideh, 14, from Bethlehem’s town of Taqou’, after he appeared before the Israeli intelligence for interrogation.

This brings the total number of Palestinians detained from across the West Bank and Jerusalem since early Wednesday morning to 27.

Source: Wafa

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