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International Productivity Congress 2011 marks 50th Anniversary of Asian Productivity Organization

Islamabad: At the occasion of celebrating 50th years of Productivity Movement in Asia Pacific, National Productivity Organization (NPO), in collaboration with Asian Productivity Organization (APO) organized International Productivity Congress 2011 here at local hotel/Marriott. Advisor to Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Basharat Raja was the chief guest of the session.

Mr. Muhammad Basharat Raja congratulated APO and NPO for their tremendous efforts to create awareness among the Pakistani Entrepreneurs to improve productivity to achieve global competitiveness and excellence in quality through national and international training programs in today’s fast changing business world.

Advisor to Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Basharat Raja

“Congress is primarily focusing on the much desired areas of Manufacturing, Services and Agriculture which are the critical determinants of economic uplift. We are prone to constantly changing world that is subject to fierce competition and we all know that the only way to survive is to mobilize our existing resources and create synergy through value creation”

He said that today in IPC 2011 with positive environment we have managed to attract high achievers from different field of life who are here to share their success stories and best practices. He appreciated the endeavours of Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Yousuf, CEO-NPO and expressed firm belief that impact of these ever improving productivity and quality related programs will hold great value for Pakistan and will ultimately help Pakistan to become a more prosperous and productive country.

The chairperson of the second phase of session was Federal Secretary Industries, Mr. Aziz Ahmed Bilour. He stressed stated that productive nation can boldly face competition and other challenges in both the local and global environment.

Adding to it he made clear that Ministry of Industries is giving continuous support to all its related departments especially to NPO for promoting the productivity movement in Pakistan and stressed that we as a nation must develop a sustainable industrial base, especially in today’s swiftly changing and challenging environment which requires a shift in the production paradigm from technology to a more knowledge based economy.

Federal Secretary Industries, Mr. Aziz Ahmed Bilour said

“When platforms like IPC 2011 are in action we being a host country stand at a position from where we can advocate ourselves and promote a very positive image world-wide and begin a proactive initiatives”

On this special occasion his Excellency Mr. Ryuichiro Yamazaki Secretary General Asian Productivity Organization (APO) – Japan, Mr. John Heap President WCPS and Director National Productivity Centre NPC and Mr. Mike Dillon Vice President, World Confederation of Productivity Sciences graced the occasion with their presence.

IPC 2011 was attended by various foreign delegations, some of them active in Pakistan while others specially reached Islamabad to attend this session. Mr. Ryuichiro Yamazaki Secretary General (APO) – Japan said that it’s a moment of pride that all major catalyst bodies are here to discuses on something tangible that has real impact in economic uplift.

He said that inter-governmental relationship between member states should never stop and keep up the progress as mandated to NPO and all member states. Mr. Mike Dillon stressed the need to explore new horizons in waste identification within manufacturing and service industries and see things a micro level to impact macro level.

Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Yousuf, CEO-NPO said that his organization is trying to reinvent the mindset and become a trend setter in field of productivity and quality. I am confident that our Productivity-related initiatives will take us to many landmarks in future. Let us hope that we play our role as catalyst and engage ourselves in promoting competitiveness and productivity towards technologically advanced vibrant Pakistan.

Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Yousuf, CEO-NPO said that

“NPO – Pakistan is writing new success story with sheer commitment and dedication in form of International Productivity Congress (IPC) 2011. He said that this event is a breakthrough in their relationship with International partners and expressed hope that it would open new vista of productivity related opportunities which would ultimately address the key industrial and economic issues”

IPC 2011 reflects the government’s commitment to turn around national economy through broad-based reforms in the economic sector. The IPC 2011 will carry on two days and will showcase various dignitaries and resource speaker who will share best practices and will stress a need to replicate them in order to impact better processes.

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