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International Judicial Conference 2012

Islamabad: Proceedings of second day of the International Judicial conference 2012 have started. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan is actively participating in all working groups. Judges of Supreme Court, Chief Justices and Judges of Federal Shariat Court and High Courts, Foreign Delegates, Supreme Court Bar Association, Pakistan Bar Council, Bar Councils and Bar Associations from all over the Pakistan are enthusiastically participating in this event.

Group I is discussing the role of judiciary in promotion of a culture of tolerance. The group is chaired by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan. Dr. Arparslan ALTAN, Vice President Turkish Constitutional Court and Mr. Yaseen Azad, President, Supreme Court Bar Association are amongst the panelists.

Group II is discussing the utmost important issue of Terrorism and money laundering to determine emerging money laundering and terrorist financing trends within and between jurisdictions and review existing legislations to make them more effective. Hon’ble Mr, Justice Abdul Salam Azimi, Chief Justice, Afghanistan and Judge, Turkish Constitutional Court are amongst the Panelists.

Group III is deliberating upon the role of judiciary in good governance. The participants are of the view that the assurances of fundamental human rights are the basic ingredients of good governance and the judiciary is the ultimate protector of such assurances. Mr. Justice Z.M. Yacoob , Deputy Chief Justice, South Africa has also spoken on the issue.

Group IV is discussing alternative dispute mechanisms to explore the opportunities to promote and encourage use of ADR and highlight its importance in decreasing the workload on courts and to provide speedy justice. Hon’ble Judge Delissa A. Ridgway of United States Court of international Trade and Ms. Hannah Tuempel, Manager of International Centre for ADR, Paris are also speaking in this group.

Group V, under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja, Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan is discussing judicial education to improve the standards of pre-service and in-service judicial education. Professors of law from United Kingdom and other countries including the Pakistani academia are discussing this topic.

Group VI is chaired by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan and the group is discussing the global issue of parental child abduction and transnational jurisdiction. Delegates from UK, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are amongst the speakers.

Group VII is discussing ‘environmental law and public interest litigation’ to enhance and review the scope of public interest litigation to check the environmental violations. Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir, Senior Puisne Judge, Supreme Court of India is speaking on the issue.

Group VIII is deliberating on ‘gender bias and issues of judicial empathy’ to adopt effective mechanism for women empowerment. Foreign and local participants are discussing this issue.

In the second half of proceedings, the groups will formulate recommendations to present in the concluding sessions. Press release regarding the second half of proceedings will be transmitted accordingly.

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