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International Islamic University Malaysia announces Scholarships under Organization of Islamic Cooperation Programme

Islamabad, August 29, 2013 (PPI-OT): The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has offered a range of under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD scholarships for students from OIC Member States under the Educational Exchange Program. In addition, the IIUM has offered the placement of students in its Post-Doctoral Program where interested students can engage in research and related activities.

According to the details received here, the IIUM is also ready for short-term and long-term arrangements for faculty exchange whereby higher education institutions both in the public and private sectors in the OIC Member States are encouraged to make offers for faculty exchange with IIUM on reciprocal or unilateral basis in accordance with their needs and priorities. The OIC General Secretariat will maintain a roster of offers and needs by IIUM for lecturers and researchers, and will circulate this information to all Member States.

The IIUM offer also includes arrangements for exchange of consultants and researchers for on-going projects of interest or the initiation of new joint projects. During the exchange period, researchers can work on their research projects, organize seminars and workshops in selected topics along with researchers of the same subjects, and attend courses in relevant subjects being taught at IIUM. The University will identify viable and marketable projects (commercialization of R and D) by linking such projects with interested industries in Member States.

OIC Member States are also encouraged to send lecturers and researchers to IIUM for training courses/specialized projects to cater to the specific needs of the requesting Member States. Such specialized requests can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Details of the IIUM offer are being shared with all OIC Member States by the OIC General Secretariat through official diplomatic channels. Interested students, researchers, faculty members can also directly access these details at the OIC website (www.oic-oci.org, under the tab Educational Exchange Programme).

Participation of the IIUM, an OIC affiliated university of high international standing, in the OIC Educational Exchange Programme augurs well for promotion of greater cooperation in higher education and strengthening of academic linkages between the OIC Member States which is imperative for the advancement of knowledge in the Muslim world.

The ‘OIC Educational Exchange Programme: Solidarity through Academia in the Muslim World’ is drawing increasing interest and participation from Member States and their public and private sector universities. A significant number of students is currently benefiting from the higher education scholarships offered under the Programme by high ranking universities in various Member States and many more offers are in the pipeline.

The OIC Educational Exchange Programme is based on the recognition of the central role of knowledge, higher education, research and science and technology in the advancement of the Muslim world. Accordingly, the OIC Secretary General has particularly focused on the promotion of cooperation between the OIC countries in these fields.

Besides enriching the educational experience of the students as well as faculty and encouraging exchange of knowledge and ideas among them, the Programme can play a positive role towards promoting solidarity and fostering understanding and tolerance among the Member States. Hence the Programme incorporates Islamic solidarity both as a means as well as an end and directly contributes towards furthering one of the fundamental objectives of the OIC Charter.

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