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Inter-Provincial Forum on Early Education

Islamabad: Presiding over the Inter-Provincial Forum on Early Education, that was jointly organized by UNESCO, UNICEF and Aga Khan foundation, Federal Minister for Professional and Technical Training Mia’n Riaz Hussain Pirzada said, “all of us are worried about education deficit posing challenges from which we cannot steal our glances.

This is a fact that 7 million children in Pakistan are out of the primary school and 60 percent of them are the female and we have no two opinions about target sets in the millennium development goals and yet 50 million Pakistanis are illiterate. He said, “the consequences are enormous both from the perspective of the children and also from the perspective of policy at the level of country.

Federal minister examplified that the other day a little boy from KPK was being interviewed and he said it clearly that give me education otherwise he would become a criminal. Federal Minister said, “the hundred million youth has his eyes on you and me and we should not steal our eyes from them because if we did then we shall not be able to achieve the target of “Education for All”(EFA) in our life time.

Federal Minister told, “at Federal level National Commission for Human Development will establish 120,000 adult literacy centres under their program focusing three million illiterates in the next financial year. Under the Primary Education Program NCHD has planned to establish around 18000 feeder schools to educate 750,000 students.

Similarly operations under Basic Education Community Services for more than 13000 schools would be augmented and standarized and with these efforts literacy rate will improve by 9.3 percent but this is only a slice of what needs to be done at the country level. Federal Minister urged the all the stake holders and Provincial authorities to accept the challenge and work to save our future.

He said, “ Federal Ministry of Professional and Technical Training has take up the role of coordinating between the essential stakeholders in the sector but we also want the Provinces to take the lead and decide the demographic dividend that they want to have after creating conditions for “Education For All”.

Federal Minister appreciate the efforts of UN to collaborate with stake holders and the Provinces to develop a holistic approach. Federal Minister said, “we need strong class room environment, teacher competencies, parent and community participation, effective supervision and flow of funds to reach the targets. Riaz Hussain Pirzada said, “ our provincial strategies need to be alligned with these requirements and Federal Government ensures that all possible measures shall be taken to facilitate this to happen as soon as possible.”

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