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‘Inter-party exchanges b/w China, Pakistan to inject more vitality into bilateral ties’

Inter-party exchanges between China and Pakistan will inject more impetus and vitality into bilateral relations of the two friendly countries.

International Media experts are of the view that irrespective of their political affiliation, leaders of all the political parties in Pakistan support Pakistan-China friendship.

In a recently published article by Chinese experts, it was noted that no matter how the international situation and Pakistan’s internal regime change, China-Pakistan relations will remain unaffected and the iron Pakistan will never rust.

Among them, inter-party exchanges have played an important role. The Communist Party of China has established friendly relations with all political parties in Pakistan, regardless of their strength, power or ideological differences.

The article mentioned that in recent years, there have been many platforms and activities for exchanges between Chinese and Pakistani political parties, which have attracted wide attention.

In 2019 at the proposal of the Communist Party of China, the political parties of China and Pakistan explored the establishment of a political party consultation mechanism for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, creating a new exchange platform for deepening China-Pakistan cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative and promoting the construction of the CPEC.

The Pakistani ruling and opposition parties with different political views put aside their differences and gathered together to reach a high-quality consensus on co-building the corridor.

Prime Minister Shehbaz, who is also chairman of Pakistan’s ruling Muslim League-N party, recently met with the head of the CPC department in charge of foreign relations in his dual capacity as party and government, highlighting the importance he attaches to the CPC and inter-party exchanges.

During his visit, speaking of the CPC National Congress, Shehbaz Sharif said bluntly that the CPC National Congress has sent hope and confidence to the turbulent world and provided new opportunities for Pakistan’s development.

He said that the CPC has gone through a hundred years and led the Chinese people to make great achievements, which are a great inspiration to the Pakistani people

The experts of Pak-China relations say it is fair to say that in its foreign relations work; the CPC not only promotes mutual understanding through talks, but also “warms people’s hearts” through actions.

In the flood-ravaged Balochistan province of Pakistan, the local victims waved the national flags of China and Pakistan and the Communist Party of China and shouted long live the Communist Party of China and long live the Pakistan-China friendship.

In 2020, when Pakistan was hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, the Communist Party of China also donated anti-epidemic supplies to various political parties in Pakistan through inter-party channels.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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