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Indian Occupation of Jammu and Kashmir is due to its Army and black Laws: Fazlur Rahman

Islamabad, October 18, 2012 (PPI-OT): Chairman Special Committee of the Parliament on Kashmir Maulana Fazl ur Rahman has said that Indian occupation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is only because of its 800,000 security personnel as well as draconian laws enforce there. If India withdraws its army and black laws today tomorrow it will come to know what the Kashmiri want.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee observed that Kashmiri want accession to Pakistan, for which they have rendered unprecedented sacrifices during the last six decades. However, India is maintaining its occupation of Kashmir due to its army there he said that 800,000 occupied Kashmir means one well equipped soldier for seven Kashmiris. India has turned the occupied territory into a jail.

It has enforced black laws which provide an umbrella to the Indian army which feels itself save because of these laws and is against their revocation. He said not only the international human rights organizations, rather Indians too against these laws and are demanding their withdrawal.

A few days back the amnesty international has one again called for an early withdrawn of the “laws less law” like public safety act. Under the Public Safety Act as well as on Special Forces Act the Indian army is free from the jurisdiction of the judiciary under the Safety Act any Kashmiri detain with any judiciary process. Therefore, he has begun arrested again and again. Whereas under the Special Powers Act, an ordinary soldier can kill any person or destroy any property.

Maulana Fazl ur Rahman has said that the America and Israel are not only giving ammunition and equipments to the Indian army but their army personnel are also assisting the Indian army. He said due to heavy deployment of arms forces as well as black laws there is a lot of strictness in the Occupied Kashmir giving an impression of a piece of a jail. However, despite all this the moral of Kashmiris is high and they are keeping their freedom movement alive.

He said that history is witness to the facts that the dark period of slavery is not limitless or unending. The slavery of Kashmiris will also _____ which is not far off. What is required for freedom is will to fight which is present in Kashmiris. Therefore, they want capitulate to Indian rules and with one day snatch their freedom.

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