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India should Stop State Terrorism in Occupied Kashmir: Fazl-ur-Rahman

Islamabad: Chairman Parliamentary Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman has said that India had resorted to unprecedented human rights violations to crush the freedom movement in the Occupied Kashmir. India has unleashed a reign of terror and has killed around half a million Kashmiris since 1947.

Besides destroying their property, detaining without any cases and torturing them, Indian security forces are using rape as a weapon of war. This is being done to demoralize the Kashmiri people. The Government of Occupied Kashmir has acknowledged rape of 1400 women.

However, this is far from the reality, because the number of women dishonoured by the Indians are in thousands and not in hundreds. Like the discovery of unnamed, secret mass graves, this is also just a tip of the ice-burg.

Needless to emphasize many women and their relatives don’t report such cases because of modesty and if they approach the police to lodge complaint, the latter do not register cases against the Indian soldiers.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee observed that these helpless women are living a miserable life for the obvious reasons. Many of them are suffering from mental diseases. Now the Chief Minister of Occupied Kashmir Omer Abdullah has apologized for these crimes. The Chairman emphasized that the pro-India Kashmiri leaders should be ashamed for their cowardice.

Those who cannot safeguard the honour of their Kashmiri sisters have no right to claim to be leaders. Therefore, Omer Abdullah should have resigned, instead of just rendering an apology.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee has expressed surprise over the silence of world community over the state terrorism unleashed by India in the Occupied Kashmir. He questioned whether the only fault of the Kashmiris is that they are Muslims? The Chairman warned the world community that the Kashmir issue is just like a seething fire.

If notice of the situation in the Occupied Kashmir is not taken, it will erupt into flames and will engulf the region. And if this happens, the peace of whole world will also be effected, he said.

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