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India maintaining Occupation of Jammu and Kashmir due to Army and Black Laws: Fazlur Rahman

Islamabad: Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Chairman Parliamentary Kashmir Committee has said in a statement today that India was maintaining its occupation of Jammu and Kashmir only because of its security forces, numbering over seven hundred thousand as well as the black laws enforced there. If India withdraws its army and these laws, it can’t stay in Jammu and Kashmir even for a single day.

The Chairman Kashmir Committee said that all cities and towns of the occupied Kashmir had the cantonments and all streets had bunkers. The Indian forces enjoy unfettered powers under the draconian laws, such as the Public Safety Act and the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

Under the former, any Kashmiri can be detained for two years without assigning any reason and the period is extended also. Under the latter, even a soldier can torture or kill a Kashmiri and destroy any property on the basis of sheer doubt. Because of these black laws no court of law can question the security forces.

Maulana Fazlur Rahman said that the Indian leaders claimed that there was peace in the state and the situation was under control. If it is so, the army should be withdrawn from the state and the black laws should be repealed.

He said that the puppet Chief Minister of the Occupied Kashmir Omar Abdullah wanted to withdraw the Public Safety Act, but the Indian Army had blocked the move. He said that the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations had called for the repeal of the black laws.

Rapporteur of the UN’s Humans Right Council Sagaya did the same. But India is adamant. Indian Army has told the Indian leadership that they could not control the Occupied Kashmir without the black laws.

Chairman Kashmir repeatedly Committee observed that it had exposed the false claims of the Indian Leaders, who had repeatedly said that the Kashmiris were happy with India and the electoral exercises had confirmed the Kashmiris’ wish to stay with India.

He said if India withdraws its army and repeals the black laws, the reality would be crystal clear to the whole world: that the Kashmiri people did not want to stay with India even for a single day. They want freedom from India.

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