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Implementation of Aghaz-E-Haqooq-E-Balochistan

Islamabad: The Federal Cabinet which met here today under the chair of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani was briefed by the Secretary Establishment about policy actions of Aghaz-e-Haqooq-Balochistan as approved by the Joint Session of Parliament on November 25, 2009.

He said that out of sixty one policy actions forty five, 85 per cent, have been implemented while sixteen were under the various stages of implementation.

While addressing the cabinet, the Prime Minister said that he had asked the Governor and Chief Minister Balochistan and the Home Minister to talk to the political dissidents of the province in an attempt to mainstream them and at the same time address their grievances afflicted on them by the successive dictators.

The Prime Minister also asked the Ministers to get in touch with the heirs of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti to ascertain their views regarding composition of the Judicial Commission for investigating the murder of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

The Prime Minister said that the Aghaz-e-Haqooq-Balochistan had implemented 20 resolutions out of 27 passed by the provincial assembly aimed at the redressal of injustice done to them in the past.

Establishment Secretary apprised the cabinet that 15 meetings of the Committee, headed by Senator Raza Rabbani and Interior Minister, Minister for Water and Power and Minister for Information as members, were held. The Prime Minister also headed three meetings including one in Quetta to monitor the progress of the implementation of Aghaz-e-Haqooq-Baluchistan, he said.

The cabinet was informed that that key achievements included more than double enhancement of financial resources, from Rs.43 billion in 2007 to Rs.108 billion in 2011-2012 for the province of Balochistan.

It has also been given greater provincial autonomy as enshrined in the Constitution after the 18th Amendment, increased job opportunities for the youth of the province, greater share of Balochistan in Royalty and Gas Development Surcharge and Mega Development Projects funded by the Federal Government.

The Prime Minister said that the unanimous enactment of the 18th Amendment was a source of immense enchantment for the provinces as it guaranteed provincial autonomy, deleted the Concurrent List, scrapped Police Order 2002, Balochistan Local Government Ordinance 2001.

He informed that seven meetings of Council of Common Interests were held by the present democratic government in one year whereas only 11 meetings were held previously from 1975 to 2006.

The Federal Government has agreed to accept the accumulated gas surcharge claim of Balochistan of Rs.120 billion and it will be reimbursed to the provincial government at the rate of Rs.10 billion per annum. An amount of Rs.10 billion was paid last year and another Rs.10 billion has been paid during the current financial year.

The cabinet was informed that under the Package appointments from BPS-1 to BPS 16 in Gawader Port Authority have been done among the local people. Judicial enquiry is underway to investigate the allotment of land in Gawader.

The cabinet was informed, Gawadar Port Authority has apportioned 10 per cent of its revenue for the development of the province. Out of 40 contracts 25 have been awarded to the local contractors.

Release of political prisoners was an important aspect of the Package as it was a source of constant bitterness among the people and the human rights organizations. The cabinet was informed that out of 681 political prisoners 665 have been released in Balochistan.

The Cabinet was informed that the construction of cantonments in Kohlu and Sui has been stopped and the army has been replaced with the FC.

Development package for Sui and Dera Bugti at the cost Rs. 4 billion has been launched to improve the quality of life of the people of the areas.

The Federal Government has funded the creation of 5000 jobs for the youth of Baluchistan along with relaxation of qualifications for such recruitments. About 5080 trainees have been enrolled by NAVTEC to impart quality technical education.

The Establishment Secretary said that over and above the 6% quota of Balochistan, the Prime Minister had sanctioned 3000 posts for Federal Levy in Balochistan. 1500 posts have been filled during this year and remaining 1500 will be filled next year.

In order to promote small fishermen, fishing trawlers have been restricted to the authorized limits of 33 nautical miles from the coast, the cabinet was informed.

The cabinet was informed that under the Prime Minister Information Technology Scheme 263 students from the province have availed the opportunity. Education of Information Technology will open up new vistas of opportunities for the youth of Balochistan. HEC has also provided 1200 scholarships in higher education and is also working on additional 600 scholarships.

The cabinet was apprised by the Secretary Establishment that powers under the Custom Act have been withdrawn from the Coast Guards and their limits beyond the territorial posts have also been dismantled.

The cabinet was apprised that Balochistan representation on the Boards of PPL, OGDC and SSGL has been ensured. Now no Board is without Balochistan’s representation.

The cabinet was apprised that the conversion of B areas into A areas has been de-notified. The federal government also paid Rs. one billion for the rehabilitation of the IDPs of Dera Bugti and also Rs. 128 million as compensation for the dislocation of the fishermen.

The Prime Minister decided that in the next cabinet meeting, Ministers from the province would be informed as to how much and unprecedented development works have been undertaken in the province.

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