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Iftar dinner hosted by Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani at Embassy of Pakistan

Washington, July 18, 2014 (PPI-OT): An inter-faith Iftar dinner was hosted by Ambassador Jalil Abbas Jilani at the Embassy of Pakistan Washington DC today. Members of all major faiths were invited to the event with a view to promote interfaith harmony and mutual understanding. A large number of Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish community members attended the Iftar dinner.

Officials of various departments of the U.S. Government including the State Department, Department of Defence, intelligence community, civil society, media, and Congress also participated in the Iftar dinner and expressed their appreciation of the initiative of the Embassy of Pakistan.

The representatives of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh communities offered prayers for the peace and harmony among followers of all religion. They highlighted the convergences which unite the humanity and professed the messages of kindness, love and fraternity of human race. They called upon need for peaceful co-existence among followers of various faiths and highlighted the universal messages of tolerance and brotherhood which formed the core and spirit of all religions.

Speaking on the occasion Ambassador Jilani welcomed the participants and shed light on the pluralism and moderation enjoined by Islam. He also underscored the philosophy of fasting and said that Islam being a harbinger of peace and tolerance calls upon its followers to share the blessings of peace with fellow human beings.

He said Pakistan being birthplace of two major religions of the world had been a diverse society since ages. He emphasized on the need for inter-faith dialogue and people-to-people contacts to bridge petty differences and shun mindset of bigotry and extremism.

He elaborated on the policies of the Government which following the vision of the founder of the nation is promoting a progressive, forward looking and tolerant society and sought good neighborly relations in the region and strived for world peace. Expressing solidarity with the victims of the crashed Malaysian airliner a moment of silent was observed.

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