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Human Rights Watch Report on Judicial Commission on Saleem Shehzad Murder Case Not Correct

Rawalpindi: A spokesman of ISPR said that the press release issued by HRW New York on January 30th, 2012 has been found to be extremely derogatory, biased and contradictory in terms. In one stroke Mr Brad Adams has discredited the Judicial Commission that investigated Saleem Shehzad’s alleged murder, demonized the ISI and castigated the Government of Pakistan, going on to suggest a darker destination of evidence if pursued again. It is unclear where Mr Adams forms opinions like these from but one thing is evident that his thought process and ability to logically analyze a given situation suffers from serious bias.

The spokesman added that the Judicial Commission in question was headed by a very honourable Judge of the same Supreme Court of Pakistan which is highly respected for its integrity and courage of conviction. It is not without reason that the Supreme Court of Pakistan is the guarantor of the rule of law and the architect of constitutional future of our country.

To expect the Judicial Commission probing Saleem Shehzad’s alleged murder headed by Honourable Justice Saqib Nisar, to spare or shy away from the so called ‘culpable ISI’ is not only disrespectful but also out of character of the Honourable Court.

HRW should visit the Supreme Court website to see what kind of historic and hitherto unheard of court actions have been initiated by the apex court regarding ISI / intelligence agencies and the unprecedented obedience / compliance they have readily commanded.

Spokesman further said that Brad Adams may have his head buried deep in sand and HRW may be choking under heaps of bias but it is quite apparent that such diatribe is exceptionally disparaging despite an ‘ extensive examination ——-‘ by the Commission, to quote HRW press release. It raises serious questions on the partisan nature of HRW and Brad Adam’s objectivity.

Spokesman said we would seriously urge HRW to read the Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the incident and see facts as they are. Some relevant reference can be found in the statement of Saleem Shehzad’s very close friend Mr Zafar Mehmood Sheikh (CW 12) on pages 30 to 35, Judicial Commission’s remarks about ISI’s compliance and detailed testimony on pages 58, 59 and 66 (Admiral Adnan Nazir’s, testimony before the Commission), regarding none of the witnesses / documents being able to ‘point a finger towards anyone’ on page 86 and about the unsubstantiated accusations of heavy handedness against journalists and the Commission’s remarks on page 89.

Any involvement of ISI in Mr Saleem Sehzad’s alleged murder is categorically denied. It is maintained that:-

a. The allegations levelled against ISI are baseless ab-initio. They are untenable both by evidence and logic.

b. Judicial Commission probing murder case had complete freedom of action and ISI spared no effort to cooperate and comply with all their requirements.

c. The press release in question is part of a well orchestrated and sinister media campaign, in which, HRW and the likes of Brad Adams and Ali Dayan Hassan may have been unwittingly drawn into.

d. With this press release, HRW appears to have seriously jeopardized the bipartisan and objective nature of its work.

It will be in fitness of things to expect HRW to withdraw this biased statement, Spokesman concluded.

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