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Higher Education Commission Scholars Complete Post-doctorate from Canada, UK, USA

Islamabad: HEC scholar Dr. Jan Muhammad Mari, Assistant Professor, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam has completed his Post-doctoral studies from the Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College, London under the supervision of Dr. Denis J Right, a well-known scientist and researcher on Plant Protection in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Jan has specialized in the Plan Protection of Integrated Pest Management so that he could contribute to developing solutions for this problem. He continued his research on the same line during his Fellowship in UK. During his Post-doctoral research, he worked as a team member of the trans-disciplinary research group and learned several new techniques that he wishes to apply in his future career.

Dr. Farah Khan, Assistant Professor at Lahore College for Women University has recently returned to Pakistan after completing her Post-doctoral Fellowship, funded by HEC, from the Department of Molecular Genetics, Ohio State University, USA.

She completed her studies under the supervision of Dr. Biao Ding, a renowned Virologist and editor of many international impact factored journals. The topic of her project was “To investigate the behaviour of PSTVd Loop 26 as an RNA structural “Motif” regulating intercellular trafficking in Nicotiana benthamiana”.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla completed his Post-doctoral studies from University of Southampton, UK under the supervision of Prof. Ian Talbot on a project which re-examined Lord Mountbatten’s role at the time of the Independence of Pakistan and the 1947 Partition of the Indian subcontinent.

The project grew out of his doctoral work which had been a reappraisal of Lord Wavell’s period as Viceroy of India. Besides submitting five papers for publications in international research Journals in UK, USA and Australia, Dr. Chawla will be able to produce a full length book which will provide a more nuanced understanding of Mountbatten’s role as Viceroy regarding Muslim interests than has existed hitherto.

Dr. Masood Anwar completed his Post-doctorate research in Statistics from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Windsor, Canada under the supervision of Dr. S. Ejaz Ahmed, a well-known Statistician.

Dr. Anwar has developed different methods for the analysis of data in his Post-doctoral research and has written programmes in R language. He developed a programme in R for estimating the common population correlation coefficient for independent samples drawn from bivariate normal populations and it has applications in Biostatistics.

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