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Higher Education Commission Post-doctorate Scholar Brings Home Research Experiences from France

Islamabad: Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Kundi, who was funded by the Higher Education Commission to pursue his Post-doctoral Fellowship at France, has successfully completed his research work. He conducted his research on “E-Local Government Implementation Barriers in Pakistan” at the Department of Information Systems and Technology Management, CERGAM, IAE-Aix Graduate School of Management, Aix-Marseille Université, Aix-en-Provence FRANCE under the supervision of Dr. Jacques Andre Bartoli and Dr. Serge Bail.

Pakistan is facing eLocal Government implementation barriers, so it was the first choice of Dr. Kundi. E-Local Government has wide scope and heavily investigated field of research around the world. Huge amount of funds are being invested both in the developed and developing countries to explore the opportunities and challenges of eLocal government for transparency, accountability, citizen’s participation and good governance.

“Implementation Barriers in Pakistan provide enough reasons to conduct research into this new area,” says Dr. Kundi who has specialized in the field of information systems (E-Business, e-Learning and E-Government) so that he could contribute by developing solution models.

During his Post-doctoral research, he worked as a team member in a multi- disciplinary research group and learned several new techniques particularly scientific data analysis that he wishes to apply in future. His research study in France focused on the implementation of this innovative technology.

Dr. Kundi has suggested a framework, which is holistic and citizen centric, that examine the individual beliefs, attitudes and perception of users in perspective of eLocal Government implementation. Dr. Kundi has investigated the role of IT-policy, top management support, change management, information quality, system quality and service quality that directly or indirectly affect the development and implementation of eLocal Government through ability to use, functional benefits, trust in government and medium and user’s satisfaction.

Dr. Kundi’s research came with useful implications and recommendations with solution model ‘Sharing Responsibilities: Customizing the Technologies’ for the academicians, practitioners and government officials besides analysts and developers in design and development of eGovernment policies and strategies. Moreover, citizen’s centric systems could build their trust and confidence, thus, it helps overcome their apprehensions to effectively implement eLocal Government to reap its benefits.

“It was a great opportunity to step outside my country in order to gain valuable research experience abroad. It has enlightened my spirit to work hard for the development of my country. My international exposure has broadened my vision for research and life.

I lived and worked under socially, culturally and ethnically diverse conditions in France,” says Dr. Kundi, who has joined the Department of Public Administration, Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan Pakistan.

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