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Health Report on Mohammad Hafeez, Junaid Khan and Wahab Riaz

Lahore, October 13, 2014 (PPI-OT): Following is the Health Bulletin on Mohammad Hafeez, Junaid Khan and Wahab Riaz by Dr. Sohail Saleem, General Manager, Sports Medicine, PCB, based here at the National Cricket Academy (NCA), under whose expert watch and supervision the trio is being put through recovery and rehab.

Mohammad Hafeez

“On October 3, 2014, Hafeez suffered a deep laceration to the base of the left thumb whilst fielding a firmly struck ball during a warm up 50 over match at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. The web space between the left thumb and index was deeply lacerated.

“On examination, the wound required suturing while the underlying musculature appeared intact. He was taken immediately to Al Quassim Hospital in Sharjah where he received five sutures and the hand was appropriately dressed.

“I examined his wound on October 11, and removed the sutures. The wound afterwards looked dry and has healed well. There was neither any ooze nor any significant pain, so he was advised to start batting from Monday with the help of support. He was advised to protect his hand while fielding.

“I will examine him October 14 in the nets and report findings accordingly.”

Juniad Khan

“On October 6, 2014, Junaid twisted his right knee during a fielding practice session at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. He was unable to continue and was removed from the practice.

“On October 7, scan results indicated a tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus with the presence of a mild joint effusion.

“He was advised rest as a part of conservative management. He will be examined by me and an orthopedic surgeon on October 14 before we could take a decision on conservative or surgical management of his injury.”

Wahab Riaz

“On October 10, 2014, Wahab Riaz was unable to complete his second over during the second ODI match against Australia. Wahab felt that his foot got stuck at the crease and he hyperextended his left knee. He was unable to continue in the match.

“On October 11, he underwent an MRI investigation; he has significant osteochondral defects in the lateral tibial condyle (bone damage), advanced chondromalacia patella (damage to the cartilage under the knee cap) and suspicion of a tear to the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus (outer knee cartilage). The joint is also mildly swollen.

“Wahab Riaz has been advised by an orthopedic surgeon in Dubai to undergo a 2-3 week rest/rehab period before considering a return to impact and bowling.

“Wahab’s condition will be ascertained in detail on his arrival shortly from the UAE. He will undergo a rehab period and a progressive return to play will be implemented at the NCA. In this regard, we will pursue a conservative approach to injury management/rehab programme.”

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