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Government officials have been deployed for service of the people: Minister for Auqaf

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Auqaf and Hajj, Nimroze Khan has said that the government officials have been deployed for service of the people and if they consider themselves as their rulers, then they have no right to perform their duties over there in District Torghar.

These views he expressed during a meeting with notables of five tribes including Mada Khel, Nusrat Khel, Basi Khel, Hasanzai and Akazai and the members of ANP belonging to District Torghar at his office here in Peshawar on Saturday.

He added that the people of District Torghar were already deprived of the basic facilities in this modern era therefore; the government officials should behave them with patience and give special attention to their miseries.

He directed to the government officials and social leaders of the district to take part in the development of the district to help them in the solution of their problems as he added, these people have now become aware of the rights and responsibilities.

The government functionaries should perform their duties with honestly for the solution of the problems of the people of district Torghar on priority basis. As they are civil servants of the people and should not behave like their rulers.

They can play their vital role to track towards development this backward district. Earlier, the delegation informed the minister of their resentment and reservations for non cooperation and misbehaviour with the civilians of the government officials deputed there for the public service. The delegation thanked the minister for giving them patient hearing and assured full support to the government.

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