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Gilani, Naik discuss political situation

Islamabad: Acting President Farooq H Naik met Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani at Prime Minister House on Tuesday and discussed with him the prevailing situation in the country. The Prime Minister, during the meeting, said that the political opponents who were playing to the gallery, would not get political mileage they were hoping for.

The Prime Minister said democracy and its dynamics were strong enough to withstand the pressures unleashed by those who did not believe in democratic ways and rather preferred back door channels. The Prime Minister said the memo case was launched by the man, who was a foreign national and whose track record was well known because he had been engaged in maligning the state institutions of Pakistan in the past through media.

The Acting President shared the observations of the Prime Minister and said that the present democratic government was strong and would face no difficulty in scuttling the moves orchestrated by those who are known as believers in political shenanigans.

But people of Pakistan are sensible and understand their tactics and would certainly support democracy as a way of political life, the Acting President said.

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