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General Kayani visits Malala in Combined Military Hospital Peshawar

Rawalpindi, October 10, 2012 (PPI-OT): Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani visited CMH Peshawar, today, to oversee the treatment being given to Malala Yousafzai and to meet her family.

COAS strongly condemned this heinous act of terrorism. He said, the cowards who attacked Malala and her fellow students, have shown time and again how little regard they have for human life and how low they can fall in their cruel ambition to impose their twisted ideology.

This is not the first time they have targeted children, the attack on Parade Lane, Rawalpindi is a painful reminder of their bloodlust. They have no respect even for the golden words of the prophet (PBUH) that “the one who is not kind to children, is not amongst us”. Such inhuman acts clearly expose the extremist mindset the Nation is facing.

In attacking Malala, the terrorist have failed to grasp that she is not only an individual, but an icon of courage and hope, who vindicates the great sacrifices that the people of Swat and the nation gave, for wresting the valley from the scourge of terrorism. She has become a symbol for the values that the Army, with the nation behind it, is fighting to preserve for our future generations.

These are the intrinsic values of an Islamic society, based on the principles of liberty, Justice and equality of man. Islam guarantees each individual – male or female – equal and inalienable rights to life, property and human dignity, with faith and education as the chief obligations to achieve enlightenment. We wish to bring home a simple message: WE REFUSE TO BOW BEFORE TERROR. WE WILL FIGHT, REGARDLESS OF THE COST, WE WILL PREVAIL INSHA ALLAH.

COAS re-emphasised that the terrorists underestimate the resolve and resilience of the people of Pakistan. It is time we further unite and stand up to fight the propagators of such barbaric mindset and their sympathizers.

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