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Fiza Gilani Hails Passage of Pro-Women Bill from National Assembly

Lahore: Syeda Fiza Batool Gilani, honorary Goodwill Ambassador for Women Empowerment, has hailed the passage of “The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Bill 2008” from the National Assembly. She said that the passage of the bill by the National Assembly was a giant step forward for the womenfolk on the road to women empowerment and emancipation.

She said that enactment of bill would put an end to inhuman and un-Islamic customs against the women besides further empowering them to take charge of their lives. She regretted that women were denied their due rights and barred from playing their role in the national life in the past.

The presence of such customs as Wani, Swara, Badla-e-Sulh, and marriage with the Holy Quran was not only contrary to civilized norms and moral values but also against the teachings of Islam, she added.

She said that women were deprived of their due share in inheritance in the past. She paid glowing tribute to the leadership of Prime Minister, Ms Donya Aziz, and all parliamentarians on the passage of this bill of historic significance. She said that the passage of a number of pro-women legislative measures proved that only democracy could secure the rights of womenfolk.

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