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Family Mobile App, BondWithMe, Makes its World Debut

The app is centred around the theme of  Me, My Life, My Family. It cleverly blends tradition with modernity, digitising chats and personal diaries with image, voice and video and enabling family tree and precious family moments to be written on the go.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Sept. 24, 2015 / PRNewswire — BondWithMe (BWM), a start-up dedicated to developing social media applications for families, has today released its flagship application of the same name globally.

The BWM app is now available at App Store or Google Play for free.

A selection of features enable members in a family unit to chat using text, audio and video to have fun and capture priceless moments.

The Family Tree feature lets a family set up multiple generations of an interactive family tree.

The Event feature enables a member to host family events, invite members tojoin, post on-going event information updates, create alerts and archive content created around an event.

The Diary feature lets each member digitise special moments in private, share with selected members, and archive postings, including photos. There is also a choice of cute, currently free to download emoticons for members to express their moods.

“We know people have a choice of apps to connect and they juggle a few at the same time to create an event, to chat, set up a diary and so on. With the BondWithMe app, we have created a unified platform to diarise daily highlights, connect family members, and include close friends or colleagues into an extended family unit. We help members of each family unit to spend ‘Me, My Life, My Family’ moments anytime, anywhere so personal and family history can be collated daily and treasured forever,” said Joe Ch’ng, founder and CEO of BondWithMe.

“Today is just a start. We will continue to build on the BondWithMe app to be a unified platform by enriching it with more features to engage the family unit in areas that matter most to a family, including education, health, finance, entertainment and e-commerce. So download the app, follow us and have fun with your family.”

About BondWithMe
BondWithMe, founded by Joe Ch’ng, also its CEO, in 2014, was conceived from one simple human need, which is the need to keep family ties alive no matter where we are or what work we do. Malaysian-born Ch’ng comes from a family with relatives all over the world. When he was in university, Ch’ng found it hard to keep in touch with family members, relying on the telephone and postal service. With today’s digital age, powerful mobile devices and a choice of social networking platforms, people are more connected than ever before and they have the human desire to share as well as care. That’s why BondWithMe was conceived. Its flagship social media application of the same name is designed for families.

For more information, please visit: www.bondwithme.com

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