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Ezpz Sehat, a health startup to look out for

Islamabad, June 05, 2016 (PPI-OT): Ezpz Sehat, a startup technology company, has started its operations in Pakistan. It is a powerful data platform where doctors are selected for consultation and appointments are set online. During the launch ceremony held in Rawalpindi it was seen both by doctors and patients to make it easy and simple for them to make informed choices and setting appointments within minutes.

The launch ceremony was attended by leading doctors from across all specialties from Rawalpindi and Islamabad hospitals. Doctors appreciated that the online appointment booking will help them greatly in managing time and keeping a good track of their appointments.

At present patients have to undergo a lot of effort to find the doctor most suited to their need and then making appointment. Some patients from outside the twin city, especially those coming from Northern Areas and AJK, have to send a person all the way here to find the doctor and set appointments thus wasting a lot of time and money in the process.

While highlighting the problems that patients generally have to suffer from because of the communication gap, Brig Asif Gul, a leading Pain Management Specialist of Pakistan, described Ezpz Sehat is “an innovative online solution to bridge the present information and communication gap between doctors and patients by providing reliable information of doctors”.

He remarked that, “this website has been constructed around the idea of convenience and digital empowerment to provide users with sufficient data to find the right doctor”. Ms Maliha Khalid, CEO of the startup, while talking to media said “Ezpz has one of the most comprehensive roster of doctors available in Pakistan. It’s like Google for doctors. Finding and getting an appointment with the right doctor will be easy as pie”.

Ms Khalid further went on to say that, “Technical smartness is one of the increasingly important skill sought after by young consumers today.” This is amply reflected in unprecedented growth in smart phone usage for making market place decisions and indeed searching for making appointments with doctors. Currently there are around 10 million internet users in Pakistan and the number is fast increasing. These internet users alone are based in 3 major cities i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi: 1,029,000, Lahore: 2,412,480, Karachi: 7,050,000. The number of specialist doctors in the country is around 60,000, half of which work in the major cities, i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi/ Islamabad and Peshawar.

Engineer Umer Adnan, Co-Founder and CEO of E4 Technologies said that, “We developed this product for Ezpz Sehat by combining our expertise in user experience, design thinking and knowledge of software and cloud platforms necessary to support the smooth running of Ezpz’s system. We’re also going to come up with dedicated Apps for doctors that allow them to make the transition to our system hassle free”.

Adnan further said, ‘This partnership underlies our commitment towards the local healthcare sector as part of our corporate responsibility initiatives/business strategy. We will continue to support Ezpz in the coming years to make every day better for the communities we work for.’

A leading gynecologist of Islamabad Dr Salma Zahid quipped that with introduction of Ezpz Sehat I will be able to save time by having better time management of my practice and spend the saved time with my family at home. She hoped that, “Ezpz will continue to excel as a comprehensive platform that brings all the doctor and patient information together in one community”.

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