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Export of live animals under quota system Current year12 Harmful for leather industry

Karachi: Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, Pakistan Tanners Association in a press statement issued to all print and electronic media expressed his deep concern over the announcement of “ CY12” to allow Quota Wise Export of Live Animals from Pakistan to Iran and Afghanistan” for a number of Live Animals made by the Government of Pakistan as reported in daily newspapers.

Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, PTA apprehended that as a result of “CY12 Quota “ the Scarcity of this basic Raw Materials/Hides and Skins would certainly further be increased to the extreme extent and the also the cause to increase the prices thereof in the country tremendously in the coming days, resultantly the members of PTA would become UNABLE completely to get Repeat Export Orders from their regular foreign buyers/customers owing to unavailability of this basic raw materials, High Production cost in respect of increased prices of Electricity, Gas, essential Chemicals as a consequence of which the production of Leather Sector would also be shrinked further from the existing level, which is at the moment ranging from 50% to 60% having only 4 working days for production.

The Chairman, PTA, Mr. S.M. Naseem reiterated that with the permission to allow export of live animals under CY12 Quota would also have drastic affect on Meat and Milk prices in local market, which are already at exorbitant extent beyond the purchasing capacity of the Masses. Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, PTA also apprehended that the permission of “CY12 Quota” could be the encouragement aspect to accelerate the Smuggling of Live Animals from Pakistan to the neighbour countries.

Chairman, PTA, Mr. S.M. Naseem informed the Media that this critical situation would be the “Red Alarm” in losing the pace of fetching precious foreign exchange for the national exchequer in the remaining months of financial year and the export of leather sector would certainly come down drastically.

Mr. Naseem also added that PTA’s members were meeting their dire needs of basic raw materials by importing from different countries specially from African countries, but after putting ban on such export in these countries our member manufacturers and exporters are also COMPLETELY COMPELLED to depend on domestic raw material, which is already short for meeting the export demands and accordingly after allowing the Quota for export of Live Animals from Pakistan would be the “Final Cause” for further Shortage of this basic Raw Material to the severe extent in the country.

Mr. S.M. Naseem, Chairman, PTA strongly appeals to Honourable President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to intervene in the matter of VERY SIGNIFICANT NATURE so as to “Withdraw” the decision for allowing Export of Live Animals from Pakistan under Quota in the supreme interest of saving the Leather Industry of Pakistan, which is the 2nd biggest export oriented value added Industry in terms of foreign exchange earnings as well as for the betterment of livelihood for the peoples of Pakistan.

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