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Election Commission Members split up over fake degree issue

Islamabad: A news item has appeared in a section of press stating that “EC Members split up over fake degree issue” on the 28th December, 2011. The ECP rebuts the story published in the newspaper as the same is not based on facts.

It is further stated on behalf of the ECP that since the oral information has been reported, it is apprehended that the same has been distorted by the reporter concerned and thus the image of the ECP has been seriously damaged.

2. The ECP has expressed its concern over this misreporting and has cautioned that in future the media should exercise restraint and utmost care in reporting such news based on information received through interviews, etc. and that too from unauthorized sources.

The ECP has further desired that the media should report only those news which are formally released by the ECP through a Press Release or the information given out by the Secretary ECP himself, who is the official spokesman of the ECP.

For more information, contact:
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