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Dr. Fehmida Mirza Lauds Overseas Pakistanis’ Role in National Development

Islamabad: Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan, paid rich tributes to the overseas Pakistanis for playing a leading role in the development of their motherland by sending large remittances and coming to the help of their brethren every time they were hit by a natural calamity in recent years.

“Be it the 2005 earthquake or the last year’s flood, the help received from the overseas Pakistanis has always been generous and forthcoming, showing the amount of love they have for their country,” she said while addressing a gathering of the Pakistani community in Kuala Lumpur to raise funds for the flood victims in Sindh, according to a message received from Kaula lumpur, Malaysia.

She said overseas Pakistanis were the real ambassadors of their country and by their personal conduct and a strong national character they could play a leading role in dispelling various misperceptions prevailing about Pakistan.

She said Pakistan had been facing several challenges with terrorism being the foremost. “The world knows the magnitude of losses we have suffered and the amount of sacrifices we have made and yet we continue to fight the menace of terror despite our limited resources,” she said, adding the loss of 35000 previous lives also showed how Pakistan had been a principal victim of the war on terror.

Dr. Fehmida Mirza said the democratic government of Pakistan had been trying to address the issue of militancy and cope with problems related to governance and improving the lot of the people.

“Unfortunately, much of the good work done in recent years has not been reflected positively,” she said. She also listed out “a lot of good work done at the level of parliament regarding emancipation of women and grant of constitutional rights to provinces”.

She said the passage of 18th Amendment had been a historic achievement while the representation of women in the legislative process had been a hallmark of the progress made with her in the chair. “I feel proud to say that our Parliament today boasts of 77 women members who have contributed nearly 80 per cent of the business in the parliament besides being movers of over a dozen bills adopted to protect rights of women and children,” she said.

Later, Speaker National Assembly Dr. Fehmida Mirza answered questions from representatives of the Pakistani community. Several businessmen announced donations and made pledges of significant amounts for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims in Sindh.

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