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Continuity and Consistency of Democratic Process Must for Lasting Political Stability

Islamabad: Chairman Senate Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari has stressed the need for continuity and consistency of democratic process in the country in order to achieve lasting political stability that is bedrock of ultimate progress and prosperity of people of Pakistan. He was expressing these views in a meeting with APNS delegation led by Syed Sarmad Ali, President APNS at Parliament House here today.

The Chairman said “let political parties go back to the people as they are the best judge in a democratic process which is evolutionary in nature and it matures with continuity and consistency and giving people the opportunity to elect their representative according to their aspirations.

People of Pakistan are the real owner of political power and their representatives should use this delegated power and authority only to achieve goals and objectives in line with people’s aspirations.” Bokhari said that both media and judiciary are enjoying complete freedom and independence in the country and legislature is playing its part effectively hence we all must work in collaboration for uplift of people of Pakistan and our country in the comity of nations.

Talking about the role of Senate, the Chairman said that Senate is playing very effective role as a legislative as well as oversight and accountability body owing to its strong Standing Committees and their proper functioning.

He told APNS delegation that meetings of Senate Standing Committees are mostly open to media and their presence is fruitful in the sense that members of Senate Standing Committee become more vigilant and careful. He reiterated, “the stronger the standing committees, the stronger will be Parliament and consequently its role.” The Chairman said that implementation of the recommendations of Parliament vis-à-vis various matters of public interest can lead to improved governance in the country.

Answering a query of APNS delegation regarding evolution of devolution after 18th Amendment and making local body’s role more effective in democratic dispensation, the Chairman replied that after the 18th Constitutional Amendment provinces have been delegated more powers and now it is in their jurisdiction to make local bodies more powerful in order to devolve the power to grass root level.

Earlier, the Chairman congratulated the newly elected office bearers of APNS and stressed the need for active liaison of media with other important pillars of the state for enhanced oversight and effective service delivery to the public. He said that media should make positive criticism seeking enhanced performance of any government.

APNS delegation told the Chairman that 40% of government advertisements go to Non-APNS papers which is a matter of concern for us. APNS President invited Chairman Senate to visit APNS office in Karachi. APNS delegation included Syed Sarmad Ali (President), Mehtab Khan (Senior Vice President ), Masood Hamid (Secretary General), Mushtaq Qureshi (Executive Member), Dr. Tanveer A. Tahir (Executive Director), Sardar Khan Niazi (Executive Member) and Gohar Zahid Malik (Executive Member).

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