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Civil Aviation Authority conducts full scale Airport Emergency


1. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority conducted a full scale Airport Emergency

Exercise today at Jinnah Int’l Airport, Karachi.

2. This exercise is conducted after every two years at all airports being a mandatory requirement of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

3. The purpose of this exercise is primarily to practice standard operating procedure (SOPs) of all the agencies deployed in and around airport to depict as per actual happening of emergency at any airport in Pakistan.

This exercise went very well in which CAA fire fighting staff, ASF, Pakistan Army, PIA, private Airlines, PIA emergency response, all ambulance services including Edhi, Cheepa, St. John, Aga Khan Hospital, Civil Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, City Fire Brigades, Pakistan Air Force Fire Brigades, Princely Jet Helicopter, Police and Traffic Police took part very actively to practice various drills involved in such exercise.

4. This exercise also helps to further improve upon weak areas noticed during exercise.

5. Airport Manager Mr. Nasir Sheikh briefed the press on various aspects of this exercise.

6. Next exercise will be conducted in 2014.

For more information, contact:
Pervez George
Public Relations Manager
Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
Jinnah International Airport
Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: 99248770 – 99072026
Fax: 99248445
Cell: 0301-8258529

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