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Chief of Naval Staff reviews your passing out parade

Kakul: Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila was the Chief Guest on Passing Out Parade ceremony of 125th PMA Long Course and Integrated Course-44 at PMA Kakul, today. “It is indeed a matter of immense pleasure and great privilege for me to review your passing out parade.

I congratulate you on this marvellous accomplishment and convey my heartiest felicitations to your parents, families and the faculty, who contributed to your great achievement through their sincere commitment and guidance.

I extend my appreciation to those who have won distinction and have been awarded for their commendable performance. I specially congratulate the cadets from Palestine and Sudan on successfully completing their training at this premier institution”, he said, while addressing the gathering, where a large number of civil and military officials were present.

“Pakistan Military Academy, which is rightfully considered a cherished institution, brings remarkable changes in its cadets transforming them into responsible leaders. It imbibes esteemed values among its cadets. The standards set here must serve you as the yardstick in your future professional pursuits”.

He added that “Your immaculate turnout and grandiose parade marked by precise drill movements speak volumes of the high standards of your training. Your proud bearing is reflective of the uncompromising standards pursued at this great institution.

I would like to commend the efforts of your faculty, instructors and all those who have made this day memorable for you. I hope and pray that this quest for excellence will become a permanent feature of your personality throughout your life.

Becoming a member of corps of officers in Pakistan Army is no doubt a matter of great pride. But at the same time, this is just the beginning of a long, eventful and challenging voyage filled with every kind of ordeals. By now you have been equipped with the basic training in professional field and a solid foundation is laid, upon which you can build your career and face the challenges of a demanding profession.

Be a symbol of valour and steadfastness for your men and lead them by setting your personal example. That is why you must demonstrate strength of character, comradeship, courage and competence in concrete way”.

Furthermore he said that “Today the nature and dimensions of threat to our national security has broadened manifolds. We are not just faced with a standing foreign adversary but re also confronted with an amorphous and violent enemy, which is bent upon foisting its own ideology of hate and bigotry upon us.

We are thus faced with unprecedented challenges to our national security on both domestic and foreign fronts for which the Armed Forces are expected to maintain unflinching vigil at all times and at all costs. On the other hand, the art and gadgetry of warfare are prone to swift changes and progress in technology.

The concepts and doctrines of warfare do also change radically in accordance with the progress in hardware. It is thus imperative that you always keep yourselves updated on all developments occurring in the world; this will enhance your professional competence and confidence.

You have to strive consistently to remain alert to these changes and absorb them in your training programmes for the assimilation of your under command. The perpetual pursuance in this regard is bound to give you confidence and self-assurance which are considered hallmarks of any effective leader.

So you are required to follow warily the latest developments in technologies and trends in the military field and be able to assess their implications in both national and international perspectives. This is a tough proposition for which I would exhort upon you to strictly focus yourself on professional affairs and do not squander your energies and time on nonprofessional matters. Resist any temptation that may distract you from your main course and prepare yourself as a battle ready warrior”.

He further added that “The nation pins very high expectations on you. I do hope that you will add new dimensions to the traditional concepts of command and leadership. You have become a member of an organization whose discipline and quality of work are worth emulating.

I advise you to uphold those glorious traditions through the strength of your personal character, integrity and honour. I am sure you will always place service before self and at no cost let your personnel interest interfere with public duty.

At the end of the ceremony The Sword of Honour for the overall best cadet was awarded to Battalion Senior Under Officer Hassan Ahmed Malik, The president Gold Medal for the overall second best cadet was awarded to Academy Senior Under Officer Mohsin Mustafa, The Chief of Army Staff’s Overseas Gold Medal for best Allied Cadet was awarded to Academy Under Officer Ahmed Mohammad Nimir Babo Nimir and The Commandant’s Cane for the best integrated Course cadet was awarded to Course Under Officer Abdul Rahim.

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