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Chief of Army Staff address at Khuzdar on a day long national seminar on Economic development through new silk route via Khuzdar Way forward to national integration

Rawalpindi, January 05, 2017 (PPI-OT):
“Bismillah Hir Rehman Nirraheem”

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Balochistan, Sardar Sanaullah Khan Zehri;

Prof Brig Muhammad Amin, Vice Chancellor Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar;

Commander Southern Command Gen Amir Riaz,

Public Representatives,

Representatives of Academia and Media,

My Very Dear Students,

Ladies and Gentlemen


In the first place, let me thank and appreciate Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar and DEVOT for organizing this Seminar on such an important subject, which directly affects the future of Pakistan. The Seminar gains further significance when you take into account its venue that is Khuzdar, the heart of Balochistan

I am grateful to all the speakers, who have travelled long distances to come here and enlighten us with their candid and learned views on the subject. I am sure their valuable inputs and suggestions will help us in developing a clear and in-depth understanding of Balochistan’s issues and arriving at workable solutions

Now before I share my views, let me address the most important audience sitting here and I mean, the youth of Balochistan My dear boys and girls, you are the future of Pakistan. You have to spearhead the effort, in all fields to take Pakistan to the status and glory that it deserves. So get ready to face the challenges, grab the opportunities and make us all proud

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Balochistan today, is under sharp focus due to its geographic importance in relation to the role that it is likely to play in regional economy. Our enemies have been trying since long to keep Balochistan in a state of unrest and instability. Alhamdulillah, we being a resilient nation have fought well and have defeated their design. Today’s Balochistan is stronger, integrated and on its way to recovery. Development of Gwadar Port, construction of 870 km of road infrastructure and realization of CPEC is testimony of our national resolve. Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Army are trying their best to ensure peace and stability in the province. But the job is half done

What we need to do is to remain focused on our vision of connecting the whole region and even beyond, for economic growth and prosperity.

For this, the prerequisite is to optimize Balochistan’s geo-strategic location and galvanize enormous human and natural resource potential. This is only possible, when we effectively deal with both external and internal challenges. External challenges emanate from perceived geopolitical divergences and competing interests. Internally, our own shortcomings exploited and fuelled by our enemies, take us away from the path of progress.

Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, connectivity is not just about bringing places closer; it’s also about binding people through the bond of shared development and prosperity The network of development projects envisioned under CPEC will put Balochistan at the heart of our national development effort.

If we manage to stay committed to this vision, we will be connected, not only with China, Central Asia and Africa but also with other important economies of the world. Thus, these developments will transform Balochistan into a vibrant model of development for the entire region and beyond.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

While this undertaking has added to our security demands in the short term, its success will comprehensively enhance our national security in the long term Now as far as the security of ongoing developmental activity and future trade running through the province are concerned, we should adopt a people-centric approach, based on local ownership.

In this regard, over the past few years, Pakistan Army and other LEAs, with full support of people of Balochistan have contributed immensely to shape the environment for undertaking this vital national project. Today, Alhamdulillah positive results are in front of everyone.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

One of the key strands of our effort is national integration. Balochistan unfortunately had been neglected in the past for host of reasons, but not anymore. In this regard, Pakistan Army has contributed significantly to bring Balochistan into the main stream. Today, due to our sustained efforts Alhamdulillah, we have nearly 20,000 sons of Balochistan serving in Army, including 603 officers. At this very moment, 232 cadets are undergoing training at PMA.

This is only the representation in Army; the number gets even higher when we include Baloch representation in Pakistan Air Force, Navy and other Law Enforcement Agencies. ALLAH willing, that day is not very far, when one of you will be standing at my place and talking to the youth of this great Province.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Pakistan Army’s efforts in the province are far more diverse than its security role alone. Today, we are actively engaged in humanitarian and human development programmes, most importantly in the field of education and healthcare At present, over twenty-five thousand students are receiving education at Army and FC-run schools, colleges, Cadet and Military Colleges in the Province. In addition, we are running a large network of hospitals and medical facilities located in far flung areas of Balochistan which are providing quality healthcare to the people of that area.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

My hope rests with the highly capable, bright and patriotic youth of Balochistan – I have no doubt you understand that your future lies in a well-educated and developed Balochistan and Pakistan I am happy that Balochistan’s youth has convincingly chosen peace and prosperity as their future I salute their determination and resilience against the onslaught of terrorism by the enemies of peace and prosperity

Let me assure everyone that our commitment to peace, stability and development of Balochistan at par with the most developed parts of the country is unwavering. It is our promise that we will develop every part of Balochistan, come what may, Inshallah

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am confident that the current security challenges and external efforts to derail Balochistan’s peace will end with the growing realization of assured geo-economic advantages of a fully developed CPEC and infrastructure projects all over Balochistan Here, I must also appreciate the efforts of all political parties and media in creating peace and harmony in line with the aspirations of people and placing Balochistan at the centre of our national discourse.

Keen participation in today’s seminar by respected community-leaders and opinion-makers is also a manifestation of how our people understand the importance of socio-economic promise of connectivity finally, in line with our collective commitment; Pakistan Army will leave no stone unturned to ensure our due role. But at the end of the day, the great people of this province, especially the youth will have to take charge of their own destiny to enable youth of Baluchistan for this I announce establishment of NUST Campus in Baluchistan.

To conclude Ladies and Gentlemen, let me say that my message is very simple, “Balochistan is the heart of Pakistan; success of Pakistan is enshrined in stability and development of Balochistan”. Let us jointly work towards that end.

I thank you all once again for giving me this honour

People of Baluchistan Zinda Bad

Pakistan Painda Bad

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