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Chief Justice of Pakistan’s address to District Bar Association Gujranwala

Islamabad, January 04, 2013 (PPI-OT): It is a matter of great honour and privilege for me to attend this august gathering and address the members of the legal fraternity of the District Bar Association, Gujranwala. The legal fraternity belonging to Gujranwala has established a remarkable tradition of upholding rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution by offering its unconditional support during lawyers’ movement. Such traditions by the legal community have made it possible for us to enjoy the fruits of democracy and rule of law in the country.

The Bench and Bar are the pillars on which the whole edifice of the Justice system rests. The mutual cooperation of both builds a credible and strong judicial system. The active interaction between Bench and the Bar indeed pave the way to further improve relations between Bench and the Bar. It is an established fact that the Judiciary cannot impart justice without proper assistance of the lawyers. I always feel pleasure to spend time with the members of legal fraternity.

These precious moments with the members of the Bar further improve our vision and by sharing the mutual experiences with learned professionals, we can work with more clarity of thought. The voice of the legal fraternity reaches the concerned corners without any impediment.

It greatly helps us to be acquainted with the issues being faced by all the stakeholders. Furthermore, it clarifies our future course of action for further improving the system of administration of justice in order to achieve inexpensive and expeditious justice.

The importance of justice in any society can well be imagined from the words of sages as well as religious scholars. Everyone has always stressed the need of justice in the society. Allah Almighty has ordained in the Holy Quran, and I quote:

“Allah commands doing justice, doing good to others, and giving near relatives, and He forbids indecency, wickedness, and rebellion…”1

Article 37 (d) of 1973 Constitution made clears that the State shall ensure inexpensive and expeditious justice. In order to discharge this duty the whole system of administration of justice is established. Supreme Court being apex Court is considered final arbiter of the issues.

The Courts whether at the District, High Court or the Supreme Court level, cannot impart justice without proper assistance of the lawyers. The lawyers are educated and law knowing segment of the society, who have earned great respect and honour especially after the famous and historic lawyers’ movement. This glory is not without responsibilities. Lawyers have now certain responsibilities on their shoulders.

On the one hand they have to assist the judges in court rooms for the resolution of disputes between the litigant parties, which is also the key purpose of the system of administration of justice and on the other hand, they are also responsible for upholding the rule of law.

If there is rule of law in the country and justice is being provided as per the spirit of constitution and the law then we can face any situation however worst it may be.

I am thankful to Allah Almighty that the judiciary in our country is operating independently and doing justice. Of course, the independence of judiciary is not possible without support of the Bar.

Being respectable members of the society, the important role and expectation from the lawyers is to strive for upholding the rule of law in the country. They are expected to raise the voice against every injustice, oppression and violation of fundamental rights in the society.

The unprecedented lawyers’ movement has taken the nation to such an exalted position from where it is destined to rise higher with full respect and glory, Inshallah. Even the world has recognized the sacrifices of the lawyers, civil society and the media. There is no doubt that the role of judiciary in imparting the justice would remain incomplete without cooperation of all the stakeholders especially the lawyers community as they all are the strategic partners.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You would be aware that the judiciary is performing with all its abilities and resources to deliver the justice despite shortage of Judges and related infrastructure. After restoration of the judiciary, it was a challenge before us to improve the system of administration of justice. Keeping all the factors in view, the National Judicial Policy was formulated after consultation with all the stakeholders of the system of administration of justice. The key features of this policy included eradication of corruption, independence of judiciary, reduction of backlog of cases etc. A lot of improvements have been made since its implementation.

I would like to add that this policy was not imposed rather it was implemented as a voice of every stakeholder. The policy was formulated after thorough consultations with the judges and lawyers. This may be one of the reasons of its success that every person engaged in the system of administration of justice can hear the voice of his views in this text. After implementation of this Policy, the rate of disposal of cases has improved significantly at the levels of the Superior as well as District Judiciary. The success of this policy is in your hands. It is for your betterment.

We are aware that certain issues have been raised with the passage of time. It is always proper to discuss and settle the issues with mutual consultation. In near future we expect to meet for further improvement. Strikes are not the solution. Only dialogue and mutual consultation can take us forward.

In the end I would like to conclude by saying that the lawyers from Gujranwala while continuing their struggle for upholding the rule of law and independence of judiciary would serve the profession as a high calling. The movement started by you for restoration of rule of law in the country requires your constant leadership to ensure that supremacy of constitution is deeply rooted in the country.

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