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Bergkamp see no one around

with in,Nfl jerseys cheap, a treasure trove of behind learn his appearance, a very excited Ajax players one by one to emulate, goalkeeper outside, all related to the treasure trove of behind, lined often a bunch of ………………… …


Such a way to celebrate, but the moment it came into Bale can take a look at the expression of the Ajax players, no one could see their own teammates, the fans, the heart is full of worship.


Ajax players equalizer in the last minute of the first half the game, their opponents Chelsea players, but it is a different expressions. Especially this season eighth Cech conceded expression is Enron.


This season,Nfl jerseys china ,Cech excellent play. Chelsea players almost in the case of its leading opponents to tie the game experience. Today they are in a Europe-wide intelligent regarded as second-rate team to the body felt.


It tastes really uncomfortable ………………!


The referee from UEFA landlords is a smart man. UEFA suppress Premier League teams, especially the past few years is already a semi-open secret. Although it is clearly favored the Ajax game, he can not do it. But when I see the Ajax players celebrating. But he can do in the case of stoppage time ground halftime.




Referee blowing Changshao,Cheap authentic jerseys, The schematically already and so ready to kick-off places in the circle Drogba and Carlos Tevez kicked the ball to their own. This action declares the first half of the game ended. Also the main referee to win the Ajax fans applause.


Bergkamp Zhangshenerqi:. Slaughter, Koror us back to the locker room and then celebrate the way ………… we pondering the ball into the ground so that these kid . Slaughter and Koror face with a smile. either side with in the ground behind Bergkamp.


“Can you tell me what,Wholesale nfl jerseys, Kind of rhythm approaching the ultimate in passing, how it was? Not you have something in without telling me?”


Entering the players tunnel. Bergkamp see no one around, then lowered his voice for two assistant coach.


Slaughter red Bergkamp Pieliaopiezui, Koror laughed: “Dennis, our ground training plan are you single-handedly developed the team’s training every day you are to participate, authentic nhl jerseys, even you do not know these the kid when reached so Highland cement quasi Slaughter and how could you know? “

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