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Awareness Lectures Programme to guard Youth against Drugs

Islamabad: Ministry of Narcotics Control has launched awareness lecture programme at university level to educate youth outlining the harms of drugs. The series of lectures started from Air University, Islamabad on Thursday. DG, Planning and Monitoring Unit (PMU), Ministry of Narcotics Control delivered first awareness lecture on threat of narcotics to society and vulnerable youth.

During the lecture it was informed that the use of drug among youth is increasing alarmingly as 50% of total drug addicts in Pakistan are between age of 15 to 30 years. Speaking against use of sheesha, he said that sheesha smoking is being considered as status symbol and people perceive it wrongly as less harmful. He said that sheesha is causes serious communicable diseases and it affects lungs drastically as 40 minutes sheesha smoking is equal to smoking of 200 cigarettes.

Earlier Secretary Narcotics Control Division, Zaffar Abbas Lak revealed some key initiatives taken by Ministry of Narcotics control. He said that the ministry has started programme of development of community leaders for narcotics control at district level so that social checks on drugs addicts could be enhanced and its use could be abandoned through anti drug messages. He also informed that the ministry gives top priority to educational institutes and trade unions against menace of drugs.

He also said that Ministry of Narcotics Control is giving prime importance on drug demand reduction which would ultimately uproot the drug menace from society. He further said, ”To combat against use of drugs is shared responsibility, therefore, role of social mobilser, family members, teachers is very vital and only with concerted and collected effort we can make Pakistan as drug free country”.

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