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Australian Police investigating racist posters plastered across Sydney’s inner west

Sydney (IINA) – Police are looking for those responsible for plastering posters promoting the lynching and deportation of prominent politicians and media personalities across Sydney’s inner west.

The posters, which have been spotted in Petersham and since taken down, resemble Pokemon playing cards and have photos of Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Waleed Aly, and the ABC’s Yasmin Abdel Majeed alongside the phrases “gotta catch and hang em all” and “gotta catch and deport em all.”

A Petersham resident said she spotted two of the posters near her home on Monday morning. “I was just walking down to the 7-Eleven when I saw them, and I thought they were appalling,” said the 25-year-old, who doesn’t want to be named.

“I was just trying to calm down after seeing them because they made me pretty outraged.

“I had a few things to do, and a couple of hours later, I walked past again, and someone had scratched them off, so I guess the neighborhood took care of it.”

She said she was surprised to see the racist material in the “very multicultural” suburb. “[My friends and I] are all really disappointed that that sort of attitude exists. In a way, I do feel a little bit more on guard.

“Seeing these attitudes just around the corner from my home has made me feel slightly less at peace where I live.”

A duty officer at Marrickville Local Area Command said: “We’re aware of those posters that were distributed around Petersham and we’re seeking information from the public about who is behind them.”

A group calling itself “Aussie Nationalists” has uploaded the posters to its website under the headline “spread the love in your area.”

The signs describe media personality, and Muslim activist Abdel Majeed as a “nuisance feminist” and “big-mouthed Australiaphobe” and are superimposed with the words “update: self-exiled.”

Abdel Majeed has recently come under attack from some public figures and media for an Anzac day Facebook post invoking the suffering of people on Manus Island, Nauru, Syria and Palestine and last week announced plans to move to London.

In another poster, Greens Senator Hanson-Young is accused of destroying “Australia by promoting self-hatred and open borders.”

Two other posters showing generic racial stereotypes are titled “chinkamon” and “apexemon” and include the descriptions “average IQ of 75 and racial commitment to crime” and “supported by welfare and proceeds of crime.”

The first post on the group’s website appeared last week, and the only other post is promoting a “public forum” opposing a mosque.

Source: International Islamic News Agency

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