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At United Nations Pakistan reiterates its opposition to creation of permanent seats at Security Council: Masood Khan

New York, May 09, 2014 (PPI-OT): At the United Nations today Pakistan reiterated its opposition to the creation of permanent seats at the Security Council and said that the aspiration for the permanent seats at the expense of a comprehensive reform has been the single biggest factor responsible for the delay in reform. Ambassador Masood Khan, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to UN expressed these views at the 10th Round of Inter-Governmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform.

He criticized the G-4 countries for pursuing narrow national interests and said that this vocal minority, by entering into the Council as permanent members, want to qualify for unwritten advantages and privileges such as overrepresentation in UN bodies, Specialized Agencies and the Secretariat.

Pakistani envoy also criticized how the reform process had become a bureaucratic exercise revolving around the numbers and an unending quest for the status for some. “To the outside world, it looks strange that we are not discussing the real issues of emerging regional and global threats and devising strategies and pool our strengths to attain our common objectives of peace and security”, he added.

Ambassador Khan argued for serious efforts for an agreement and said that the only way to move forward was to explore a compromise solution that reflects the interests of all member states. He said that the United for Consensus’ (UfC) Italy-Colombia proposal puts on the table serious propositions to promote such a compromise.

“It is designed to aggregate the interests of all states – small, medium-sized and large – the entire family, not the privileged few. This proposal will increase regular non-permanent seats; and will create long-term seats in the Council”, he added.

In conclusion, Ambassador Khan reiterated the expectation that the chair would continue to consult all member states, with a view to reaching agreement on the next steps in the reform process. He said, “We are not looking for a Utopian Council but one that reflects contemporary realties”.

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