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Appeal To Observe the Earth Hour

Karachi: I wish the WWF my best compliments on the eve of Earth Hour celebration. This initiative has a very simple but the most important idea to share the responsibility of every sector of the global community including common citizens as well as governments for fighting the climate change. Climate change is affecting every one and we have to do everything possible to prevent it.

Environment is one of our top priorities and the Karachi Administration is keen to manage the environment for the well being of our citizens. I would like to request every citizen of our society to participate in this event and take concrete and practical steps in your daily life to prevent the climate change by reducing the carbon emissions.

Our resources are limited and we have to save them as much as possible so that they are available to every one particularly the communities affected by poverty. This can only be done by adopting simpler way of life and minimize the wastage of resources.

All administrative authorities have been instructed to work out their mechanisms for minimizing the consumption of power and reduce carbon emissions in a bid to contribute their role in global fight against environmental degradation. I request all the citizens to show their concern for the planet and attend this event of Earth Hour at Mazar-e-Quaid today at 8.30 pm.

For more information, Contact:
Commissioner Karachi division
4, Club Road,
Tel No.99205607 99205610
Fax 99205652

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