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Anti Narcotics Force Record Performance in Year 2016: Seized 240 tons of narcotics, amounting US$ 3759.56 million

Islamabad, March 21, 2017 (PPI-OT):In 2016, ANF under command of DG ANF Major General Nasir Dilawar Shah HI (M) witnessed a record year of seizures, best ever in its history. ANF seized 215 Metric Tons Narcotics and 25.11 Metric Tons Precursor Chemicals, amounting US$ 3759.56 Million in international market.

The drugs seized included 50103.036 Kgs Opium, 6231.00 Morphine, 16593.024 Kgs Heroin, 138061.738 Kgs Hashish, 4.394 Kgs Cocaine, 3869.996 Kgs Amphetamine, 131.670 Kgs Methamphetamine, 1230x Ecstasy Tablets, 32790x Psychotropic Tablets, 22274.00 Kgs Acetic Anhydride and 2835.00 Kgs Sulphuric Acid. As per record, in year 2016 total of 1305x cases were registered and 1556x accused arrested. In 24x Intelligence Based Coordinated Operations (IBOs), 47x accused were arrested.

ANF Conducted 6787x operations against Proclaimed Offenders / Absconder in which 193 were arrested, 230 reported dead and 38 deleted through court orders. In 2016, total of 1470.24 Hectares poppy was destroyed in KP, Sind and Balochistan in collaboration with local administration. 350.021 Metric Tons of different types of drugs / precursors / controlled substances were burnt valuing over US $ 4305 Million in international market.

In 2016, 34x foreigners (mostly Nigerian, Zambian and Afghanis) were arrested and 74.226 Kgs drug was seized. Total 41x Drug Traffickers Organizations (DTOs) were busted (38x local and 3x international). In 2016, ANF deposited Rs. 48.64 Million in National Fund accrued from auction of 143x seized / confiscated vehicles. ANF froze assets worth 782.423 Million in 2016. The increase in assets freezing is over 900%. ANF achieved 93% conviction rate (highest in ANF history) as compared to 85% conviction rate in 2015. To further enhance the capacity, special efforts have been made to secure advance training packages for our prosecutor and law officers.

With regard to training, 5x basic/ recruitment, 12x progression and 5x capacity building courses were run at ANF Academy and 853 personnel of different ranks including other LEAs were trained. To transform ANF into a smart technologically integrated force, special attention was paid on enhancing its IT capability. For this, the regular updates through ANF website (www.anf.gov.pk), facebook (www.fcebook.com/anfofficial) and twitter (www.twitter.com/anf.pak) were communicated to the masses. Moreover, different integrated IT systems were also introduced for ensuring better coordination within ANF.

ANF is running three Model Addicts Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres (MATRCs), one each in Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta. Free of cost treatment facilities are provided to the drug victims. Establishment of Women and Children Ward at MATRC Karachi, construction of MATRC Peshawar and establishment of MATRC at Sukkur are also in progress. During the year 2016, total 913x addicts were treated. In 2016, 480x events of Mass Awareness Programmes were organized in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar.

Better International Cooperation helped in getting healthy support from the international community in form of capacity building as well as assistance in kind and in financial support. Overall the performance of ANF during 2016 has been par excellence making it one of the elite force at national and international level.

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