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Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited’s fail in tractors bookings

Karachi: The imposition of 16% sales tax on tractors had jeopardized the company’s sales and the plant was closed in the months of July – September.

Farmers had begun to reconcile with the imposition of sales tax and bookings were coming in until now when a summary was sent to ECC for withdrawal / reduction of sales tax, Bookings suddenly collapsed resulting in the closure of the plant once again.

ECC has formed a committee to discuss the case. Until something becomes clear, the closure will continue.

For more information, contact:
Subika Muzammil
Company Secretary
Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited
11th Floor, N.I.C. Building,
Abbasi Shaheed Road, Karachi.
Tel: (92-021) 35660881-5
Fax: (92-021) 359689387
E-mail: agtl@alghazitractors.com
Web: www.alghazitractors.com

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