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Akram Masih Gill resolved an old problem of daily wages workers of Capital Development Authority

Islamabad: Akram Masih Gill yesterday resolved a very old problem of CDA’s daily wages workers. It is regarding their pay as they were being paid only Rs. 7000/- per month instead of Rs. 8890/- per month which they deserve according to their pay.

A delegation of these workers met the M/o State Akram Masih Gill and requested for help in the matter. Minister contacted chairman CDA. So that their problem was removed by accepting there demand. Now they will be receiving Rs. 8890/- per month.

Akram Masih Gill also got approved Christmas optional leave for Christian employees.

A delegation of daily wages workers visited M/o State’s office pay thanks to him.

Akram Masih Gill stated on the occasion that present Federal Government paying full attention on the welfare of common man. He further said that it is need of hour. It is necessary for a developing country that its people even having different faiths should live with tolerance, love and brotherhood.

They should respect each other’s believes. People should have equal opportunities of education and prosperity. Keeping in view these objectives government of Pakistan has established, National Harmony Ministry.
Akram Masih Gill pledges to make Pakistan a developed and peace loving country and to give equal rights to all its citizens including religious minorities leaving the old policy of ignoring them in different fields, removing barriers for them.

Almost 200 CDA daily wages workers headed by Waqar Gill and Sohail sated this a “Christmas Gift” from Minister of State Akram Masih Gill to Christian workers.

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