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Address by Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to newly enrolled lawyers

Islamabad, August 31, 2013 (PPI-OT):

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would like to take this opportunity to formally congratulate and welcome the newly enrolled lawyers today who are stepping into the arena of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Indeed, it is a matter of great privilege and pride for you that now you will be able to practice in the apex Court of the country.

This is the moment to cherish and lookup to as it will herald you into a world where your professional acumen and abilities will be tested to the core. Your enrolment as a lawyer of the Supreme Court of Pakistan is a significant acknowledgement of your lifelong commitment to the profession of law.

The learned advocates of the Supreme Court are the representatives of the highest legal institution at national level and carry with them the foremost responsibility of securing justice for their clients and also the downtrodden and vulnerable classes of society and sensitizing State institutions and general public towards contemporary legal and social issues. I am hopeful that like yester years the lawyers community will continue to act as a bulwark against the constitutional excesses by any authority or institution.

In the democratic set up of Pakistan, every institution has to recognize and respect constitutional norms. The three main organs of the State i.e. the judiciary, executive and the legislature, though all powerful in their respective domains, cannot transcend beyond their constitutional circumference through abuse of authority.

The success and efficacy of a democratic system, inter alia, depends on the independence of judiciary which cannot be ensured until and unless all the State institutions cooperate and work within the constitutional framework. The judiciary being the custodian of the Constitution has been specifically equipped with the power of judicial review to check the arbitrary exercise of power by any authority or institution.

The Supreme Court being at the apex of judicial hierarchy in Pakistan and as final arbiter of constitutional and legal controversies has endeavoured to bring legal and judicial reformation through prudent interpretation of laws through various landmark judgments and formulation of judicial policies.

The national Judicial Policy, revised from time to time, in consultation with all the stakeholders at national and international level sets out guidelines for the judges and lawyers for prompt and fair dispensation of justice in Pakistan.

It is now the duty of the lawyers to follow them and facilitate the courts in securing justice at the grass root level. The hard work and efficient performance of Courts have strengthened public trust in the justice system of Pakistan and more and more people are approaching the Courts for resolution of their disputes and redressal of grievances.

A strengthened and independent judicial system plays assertive and decisive role for the promotion of rule of law which is a basic substance of democracy and necessitates the supremacy of constitution, equality before law and equal protection of law.

It is the statutory and constitutional responsibility of judiciary to safeguard fundamental Rights and restore entitlements to their owners and grant relief to the aggrieved. Judiciary has a definite role to play for effective administration of justice for the establishment of a just society, based on respect for law. I feel privileged that the Pakistani judicial system is the strongest backer of constitutional principles and democratic norms. It enjoys full confidence and faith of legal fraternity, other institutions, media as well as public at large.

Being the lawyer of the apex Court of the Country, it is your added responsibility to fully make yourself well versed with the challenges being faced by both the Bench and the Bar in view of raised expectations of people. It is my firm belief that charity begins at home. Unless and until the lawyers are committed to their job, the output of the institution cannot sustain improvement over a period of time.

You must exercise extreme care in picking up your briefs. Once committed to a case, you should focus on it in a most honest and diligent manner. Your assistance to the Bench, while exercising professional work ethics and avoiding frivolous adjournments, will increase the output of the Courts.

This will be a win win situation for everybody. Not only the litigants will get early and well deserved relief but the lawyers will also get more cases in view of increased respect and credibility of the institution as a whole.

At the end, I would like to again formally welcome you as the learned lawyers of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. I hope you will continue to practice law with passion and earn respect for yourself and the institution of judiciary.

May Almighty Allah Bless you!

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