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Address by Chief Justice of Pakistan at oath taking Ceremony of Islamabad High Court Bar Association office bearers

Islamabad, June 05, 2013 (PPI-OT): Learned Chief Justice and Judges of Islamabad High Court;

Newly elected President and Office Bearers of the Islamabad
High Court Bar Association;

Learned Members of the Bar;
Ladies and Gentlemen;

It is a matter of great honour and privilege for me to address this august gathering of oath taking ceremony of Islamabad High Court Bar Association. Let me congratulate the office bearers of the Islamabad High Court Bar Association for getting an opportunity to work for the welfare of the lawyers and the general public.

This oath taking ceremony manifests the affirmations for the noble cause of administration of justice. Those who have been chosen for the delicate responsibility of representing the whole bar have got now greater responsibility on their shoulders.

They are bound to look after the interest of the whole community. You are also supposed to 2 protect the cause of protection of rights of the general public. The oath bounds the office bearers to the path of doing the right and remedying the wrong. Being the lawyers from the Capital of Pakistan has also significance, and of course expectations from you are comparatively greater.

I am sure that the elected representatives being aware of their responsibilities shall discharge their duties and perform functions with full responsibility and would thus meet the expectations of their electorate. You have greater facilities and thus should work with more zeal and fervour for the noble cause of justice, which for others may be a worldly affair but for us a religious duty too.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The importance of justice has always been stressed by every society, because without justice no society can survive. Islam has also emphasized greatly on the importance of justice. Allah Almighty has ordained in the Holy Quran, and I quote:

“Allah commands doing justice, doing good to others, and giving near relatives, and He forbids indecency, wickedness, and rebellion…” 1

In our country, to discharge this sacred duty, whole system of administration of justice has been established. Supreme Court being apex Court is considered final arbiter of the issues. The Courts at all levels whether it be the District, High Court or the Supreme Court, cannot impart justice without proper assistance of the lawyers.

They are educated and law knowing segment of the society, and have earned great respect especially after the historic lawyer’s movement. Lawyers on one hand have to assist the judges in court rooms for the decision of disputes between the litigant parties, and on the other hand, they have to work for upholding of the rule of law in the country.

1 An-Nahl 16 {90} 3
Being a lawyer is an honorable profession all over the world. It is regarded as the most noble one because of its role. Of course, the importance attached with this profession is due to the fact that the lawyers have to work for protection of rights and redress of the grievance of the people by assisting the Court in the process of administration of justice.

The profession of law is highly challenging and requires its practitioners to equip themselves not only with the basic knowledge of law and the legal process, but also to equip themselves with the modern and new techniques to meet the contemporary challenges.

The lawyers should not restrict their quest for knowledge only to traditional manual search of law books and journals, rather they should learn and equip themselves to utilize advance information technology tools including internet search and other electronic means, so that they can properly assist the Courts in administering the justice. It will also improve the working of courts.

The knowledge-based and well researched assistance by lawyers to the Judges is a sure guarantee of improving the quality of our judgments. The lawyers, everywhere in the world, have worked in one or the other form for the rule of law and independence of judiciary.

The legal history of our country manifests that the struggle for the independence of judiciary and the rule of law was always supported by the bars. The unprecedented success of the historic lawyers’ movement for independence of judiciary and rule of law in collaboration with the media and the civil society was not an end in itself, rather it was only a means to an end. The struggles for the rule of law and independence of judiciary is not the one time event, it requires a struggle with continuous spirit to maintain the rule of law and independence of judiciary in any society.

Such occasions and the meetings between Bench and the Bar always pave the way to improve further the relations between them and it is always pleasure for me to spend time with the members of the legal fraternity, in order to further improve our vision by sharing the mutual experiences with learned professionals and thereafter, we can work for the common cause of justice with more clarity of thought.

These are the occasions where the voice of the legal fraternity reaches the concerned corners without any impediment. It clarifies our future course of action for further improvement in the system of administration of justice. It is only then that we can achieve the target of inexpensive and expeditious justice as described in our Constitution under Article 37 (d).

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is a matter of satisfaction that the judiciary of our country is performing with all its abilities and resources to deliver the justice. After restoration of the judiciary, it was a challenge to improve the system of administration of justice.

Therefore, National Judicial Policy was formulated and implemented in consultation with all the stakeholders of the system of administration of justice. Its key features included eradication of corruption, independence of judiciary, reduction of backlog of cases, etc.

This policy was not imposed rather it was implemented as a voice of all the stakeholders. After implementation of this Policy, the rate of disposal of cases has improved significantly at all the levels including Superior as well as District Judiciary. I am sure that you will work for its success, so that the goal of inexpensive and expeditious justice may be achieved.

I am sure you will always congregate for upholding the rule of law and independence of judiciary in the country. Aristotle more than two thousand years ago, highlighted the importance of rule of law when he said, and I quote:

“The rule of law is better than that of any individual”

Thank you.

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