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5th International CSR Summit held

Karachi, March 28, 2013 (PPI-OT): Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, COOs, Directors of corporate entities Leaders and Professionals, Ladies and Gentlemen


It is a privilege for me to attend this important 5th International CSR Summit and share my views.

I am pleased to apprise that Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) being the largest Chamber of Pakistan and the sub-continent attach importance to CSR and best corporate practices. CSR can be simply defined as achieving commercial success in ways that honour ethical values and respect people, communities, and the natural environment.

It is satisfying to note that over the years, in Pakistan, the corporate sector has focused on responsible business practices highlighting sustainability, social and environmental issues. The companies have started believing in the welfare of not only its employees but its activities that have been directed towards Safety, Environment, Education and Social Welfare and other issues, directly or indirectly having impact on the communities and environment.

The participants of this CSR Summit are here, because they already believe in the power of business to make a difference in the world which is also need of the hour. Every business has a responsibility to produce its product that it sells at a profit abiding legal requirements, maintain fair practices and support the local community and make charitable donations.

The rise of the modern corporation created and continues to creates many social problems. Therefore the corporate world should assume responsibility for addressing the problems. Large corporation have huge reserves of human and financial capital. They should devote at least some of their resources to addressing social issues, particularly for education, health and environment.

In implementing CSR activities, it is important that you, as leaders in your respective corporations, do not view these activities purely from a quantity aspect but consider the quality aspects as well. It is vital to ensure that the CSR activities are funded, well planned and properly executed.

Businesses and corporations are part of society and depend not only on their stakeholders but also on society. It is important for business to give back to society. Helping society can be mutually beneficial and profitable. It is in your best interest to bring the poorest and least privileged into the mainstream of economic activity.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has also recently approved CSR voluntary guidelines 2013. While the Government will do its part to create an environment for sustainable and inclusive growth, the private sector and you as leaders of the corporate world must do your part to energize and help power the nation. Collective efforts are required to encourage CSR in all segments of the economy. I on my behalf and on behalf of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry assure best cooperation in this regard.

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