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FDA Authorizes Marketing of 22nd Century Group’s VLN® as a Modified Risk Tobacco Product

VLN® Cigarettes VLN® Is World’s First and Only Combustible Cigarette to Receive FDA MRTP Designation FDA Adds Evidence-Based, Headline Claim “Helps You Smoke Less” to Company’s Requested Claims VLN® 95% Reduced Nicotine Content Cigarettes to Launch in the U.S. Within 90 Days VLN® to Launch Outside the U.S. in First Quarter 2022 BUFFALO, N.Y., Dec. […]

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CNG Association Reveals The Real Reason Behind Gas Crisis In Pakistan

Group Leader All-Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA), Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, in a statement issued on Friday, said that few departments are ruining the economy in a bid to continue their monopoly over the troubled gas sector.The desire of these departm...

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President Alvi Orders Bank to Pay Rs. 3.73 Million to Female Entrepreneur

President Dr. Arif Alvi has accepted a representation of a female entrepreneur from Sialkot and directed a private bank to pay her the Local Taxes and Levies Drawback (LTLD) worth over Rs. 3.73 million and report compliance to the Banking Mohtasib with...

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Weekly Inflation Shows a Slight Increase

The Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) for the week ended December 23, 2021, recorded an increase of 0.40 percent, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).According to the latest data, the SPI went up from 168.16 percent during the week ended...

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