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‫ڈومینیکا نے شہریت بذریعہ سرمایہ کاری فنڈز کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے نئے پرائمری اسکول کی تعمیر شروع کردی

لندن ، 22 جون ، 2021 / پی آر نیوز وائر / — حکومت ڈومینیکا نے مہاؤٹ پرائمری اسکول کی تعمیر کے آغاز کے موقع پر جزیرے میں حال ہی میں ایک تقریب کے انعقاد کے موقع پر تعلیم کے شعبے سے متعلق اپنے عزم کی تجدید کی ہے۔ تکمیل کے بعد ، اسکول  کی […]

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Dominica Begins Construction on New Primary School Using Citizenship by Investment Funds

LONDON, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Government of Dominica is reaffirming its commitment to the education sector after a ceremony recently took place on the island to mark the beginning of the Mahaut Primary School construction. Once completed, the school is anticipated to herald new opportunities for local children while also providing jobs with […]

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Govt determined to give voting rights to overseas Pakistanis

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain says government is determined to give voting rights to overseas Pakistanis and to take steps to hold next general elections through Electronic Voting Machines.He was briefing media in Isl...

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Pakistan has no favourite in Afghanistan, will work with any govt that enjoys Afghan people’s confidence: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated that Pakistan is ready to be a partner for peace in Afghanistan, but as US troops withdraw, country will avoid risking further conflict.In his opinion published in Washington Post today (Tuesday), he said Pakist...

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