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گیارہویں چائنہ (تائزہو) انٹرنیشنل میڈیکل ایکسپو کامیابی کے ساتھ اختتام پزیر

نانجنگ، چین، اکتوبر01، 2020 / سنہوا۔ایشیا نیٹ / — 19 سے 21 ستمبر تک، چائنہ میڈیکل سٹی نمائشی مرکز میں گیارہویں چائنہ (تائزہو) بین الاقوامی میڈیکل ایکسپو کا انعقاد کیا گیا۔ “وبا کے زیراثر میڈیکل اینڈ ہیلتھ انڈسٹری میں ترقی کے رجحانات” کے تھیم کے ساتھ، موجودہ میڈیکل ایکسپو میں 23 خصوصی تقاریب کا انعقاد […]

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Govt takes steps on war footing to defeat Covid-19: Dr. Yasmin

Punjab Minister for Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid has said that the government took steps on war footing to defeat the Covid-19. Talking to newsmen in Lahore, she said that World Health Organization (WHO) is appreciating Pakistan’s steps taken to control ...

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Roadside bomb blast kills three security personnel in Iraq

In Iraq, three security personnel including senior police officer have been killed in a roadside bomb explosion in Salahudin province north of the capital Baghdad. Spokesman of the Iraqi Joint Operations Command said roadside bomb exploded near a military vehicle ...

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Global coronavirus cases surpass 34.1 million

The number of coronavirus cases across the world has crossed thirty-four point one million while the pandemic has claimed more than one million lives so far. More than twenty-five point four million patients have recovered from the disease across the ...

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