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13 Cities in Jiangsu Rolled out Blueprints for Development

NANJING, China, Nov. 28, 2016 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Party secretaries of 13 cities in Jiangsu outlined the blueprint for the next  five years at the 13th Party congress held in Jiangsu. Here are the blueprints of these cities.

As the capital city of Jiangsu, Nanjing, plans to increase the level of construction, rising to a Tier 1 city and improving the quality of life in Nanjing. It plans to improve disposable income per capita to 60,000 yuan ($8,693), create 700,000 new urban jobs and increase the proportion of children enrolled in public and private kindergartens to 85 percent.

Wuxi mapped out a plan to increase public resources and improve access for disadvantaged groups, raising the income level and ensuring more citizens enjoy the benefits of development.

As for Suzhou, it set out to lead the development in Jiangsu and build a prosperous city with Suzhou’s characters on the following four aspects: enhance the quality and efficiency of the city and increase innovation, continue to improve residents’ income and balance public services, improve the local environment and promote social governance and strengthen social morality.

Changzhou put an emphasis on making Changzhou a creative manufacturing hub.

Zhenjiang rolled out a blueprint to make the low-carbon economy the new symbol for the city.

Aimed at pushing development to a higher level and assuring people a better life, Yangzhou intends to double urban and rural income in 2020 to the provincial average, striving to build a healthy and beautiful model for Yangzhou.

Nantong stressed that it would spare no efforts to improve urban and rural income, and to create a livable, suitable and attractive garden city.

Xuzhou will make combined efforts to build cities with five features to enhance the advantages of Xuzhou, respectively, building a model city with a revitalized old industrial base.

Taizhou put transformation and innovation as priorities and is dedicated to the pursuit of a gold GDP and green GDP.

Lianyungang drew up a blueprint for building an international harbor city and achieving joint development.

Relying on people’s level of contentment to measure achievement, Yancheng plans to increase prosperity across the city.

Huai’an aims to establish itself as a central city in northern Jiangsu and promote tourism, shopping, food, learning, health services and livelihood standards of the city.

Suqian will speed up the construction of a blue, green and clear ecological system, making the life of people more prosperous and beautiful.

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